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Men's skin isn't the same as women's - which is thicker and produces more oil. So don't treat them the same. You need a lotion that's formulated with these differences in mind. The Sake Body Bomb Moisturizer is a cream that caters to your needs and makes your skin look younger and feel softer. It contains natural extracts so you'll have a fresh glow. The nutrients from these organic ingredients will revitalize you without leaving any greasy residue.

Its ingredients include:

  • Monoi de Tahiti which aids in re-hydrating and locking in moisture
  • Yogurt Powder which helps remove dead cells to reveal a healthy layer underneath
  • Vitamin E which repairs damaged tissues and protects you from the harsh rays of the sun
  • Teprenone which has anti-aging properties

It also has a distinct scent of the Far East to give you an exotic, masculine aroma. You can use it as a hand cream for soft palms, or you can slather it anywhere for a full body restoration. Your special someone will never want to let you go when you've got such sensually smooth skin. Pamper yourself with Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer today.

Size: 16 fl oz 473 ml

Made in America