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Most Aggressive Shave Safety Razor

We think the Open Comb Muhle R41 is pretty aggressive. The design of the head allows for a large amount of blade exposure and a large blade gap- which all means there is going to be more blade touching your face. Team this safety razor with a Feather razor blade to really turn up the heat.

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Most Aggressive Shave Safety Razor Reviews
THIS is a Razor!
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb "1st let me say WCS rules. I got this order second day after placing it on the website. That is the longest it ever takes. Sometimes I get my stuff the next day. Now the razor. I am a pretty easy reviewer, starting at five stars and looking for reasons to lower the review from there. The Muhle R41 shaves great and looks really nice, too. The things I've read in previous reviews were mostly confirmed. The handle can be a bit slippery compared to more heavily knurled handles like you find on most of the Merkurs (I sometimes use their 34C). It looks nice though; better chrome than the Merkur handle (that razor does have a better finish on the head). The head on the Muhle is very nicely chromed, even underneath. I knocked the 41 down to 4 stars because the cap has some flaws. They are miniscule and I only see them under very bright light that hits them at a certain angle. They aren't chips or scratches, more like little dents in the chrome. It's like the cap was dropped on a semi-smooth, but hard surface, like the concrete floor you might find in a garage, warehouse, or factory. They are right at the edge at the peak of the cap, above the hole for the tab on side of blades. The blemishes don't seem to affect the shave at all. The razor is as aggressive as advertised, but glides nicely if you have your technique down. Zero pressure and the right angle. I get BBS shaves with zero razor burn.
Now, my all time favorite DE razor!
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb "I own a Feather AS-D2, PAA Double open comb, Merkur 1906, Merkur 37C (slant) and the 34G. This R41 by far has produced the ABSOLUTE closest BBS shave and without irritation that I've ever experienced! Ever!!! It's comparable to my straight razors when it comes to BBS! I will say that the "fear factor" of this razor is totally unwarranted. Although it's NOT a razor for a beginner. This is an instrument for someone that's experienced with DE shaving and knows how to properly perform "facial follicle surgery" the proper way. Use a sharp sharp blade (Feather, Astra, Gillette blue etc...) and you won't be sorry. This razor cuts through thick stubble like a sharp samurai sword through water and does so comfortably. The audible feedback is really nice too. After I shave with this razor, I'm constantly feeling the smoothness of my face throughout the day and am just amazed at how the razor performs consistently. I'm just in awe at the closeness this razor takes me, while giving me a pleasant shave experience. YES I'd recommend this razor! In fact, I recommend you purchase two! One for now and one for 10 years from now in case it's ever discontinued or stolen!!! (lol).
If you're careful, you will love it
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb If you are coming from plastic razor land, there will be blood! If you treat it as a new experience and let the razor do it's job, you will be rewarded with a shave closer than you have, most likely, ever had. In my opinion, ans contrary to intuition, this razor works best with the sharpest blade you can find (Feather). No pressure, good prep and high quality soap or cream and a three pass would probably be good for two days for most folks.

I've only given it 3 bars for value because it is fairly expense and the handle is nothing to write home about. Buy one of the new WCS "classic" stainless handles to pair with this head. It makes it much easier to control.
Pretty pretty pretty good
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb Like the weight and feel of this razor. The handle leaves something to be desired, could be more aggressively textured.
Great razor, nothing to be afraid of.
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb I have shaved with this razor daily and have got a great shave without any bleeders. When I put a more aggressive blade in it (Astra SP) I got a great shave that lasted for two days. You can definitely feel the blade when shaving so a real light touch will be required. Love that I only need two passes with a clean up pass. What are you waiting for, buy this razor.
Muhle R41 DE Safety Razor
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb Incredible razor for coarse beards! Very easy to use and gives a very close shave! I started shaving with a safety razor 4 weeks ago. Ive always had to use clippers on my beard because of irritation from cartridge razors, but i never get a close shave with clippers. So i researched other options and found single DE blade razors as a solution to many with my shaving problems. I picked up a starter DE razor from walmart i think it was Van der haggen and started with that. After 2 weeks i out grew it and needed something more aggressive. Research pointed to the Muhle R41. Ive been shaving with it, pairing it with Feather blades, for the last week and a half and love it!
Muhle R41 DE Safety Razor
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb.Not a toy! Very close shave with NO weight applied. I too played with blades to find the right fit for me. As Dave said in his review, This is not a beginners razor, as it is not very forgiving of mistakes in technique.
Muhle R41 DE Safety Razor
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb.Had to try this one and have to say, I love it and sometimes it loves me back but it does demand respect. I??m now trying several blade combinations, that were also purchased from West Coast Shaving. The Feather is standing out currently but I am trying all from the sample pack. With this razor, the blade is critical as you can feel every experience the blade is having with your beard.
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