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We think the Open Comb Muhle R41 is pretty aggressive. The design of the head allows for a large amount of blade exposure and a large blade gap- which all means there is going to be more blade touching your face. Team this safety razor with a Feather razor blade to really turn up the heat.

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Muhle R41 DE Safety Razor
Not a toy! Very close shave with NO weight applied. I too played with blades to find the right fit for me. As Dave said in his review, This is not a beginners razor, as it is not very forgiving of mistakes in technique.
Muhle R41 DE Safety Razor
Had to try this one and have to say, I love it and sometimes it loves me back but it does demand respect. I’m now trying several blade combinations, that were also purchased from West Coast Shaving. The Feather is standing out currently but I am trying all from the sample pack. With this razor, the blade is critical as you can feel every experience the blade is having with your beard.
So close and smooth
Great shave. I have a been toying with getting a straight razor. No need now. This razor gives a very close clean shave provided you change your blade often and you take your time while using it. Not a good hangover razor for sure.

Great weight and feel in your hand as well as on your face. Use a pre-shave for sure and let the lather set up your beard before you use this puppy. If you rush you will bleed but, if you take your time and listen you will get rid of every whisker like never before.
Amazingly Close Shave
I got the closest, irritation free shave ever after my first 2 passes with the R41. It is a very aggressive cut that requires a slow deliberate technique.This is not a beginners razor, as it is not very forgiving of mistakes in technique. It wouldn't take much of a slip up to produce some nasty nicks. I'm not a fan of the handle. It is too light and doesn't provide much grip for a wet hand. I'll definitely replace it as soon as I can find one I like.

I couldn't be happier with the shave I get from this razor. As long as my face can handle the aggressive cut, this will be my daily razor from now on.
A great choice to upgrade to
After coming over the world of DE shaving and after a year of doing so with a good entry level razor, I searched extensively for a second razor to raise the level of the experience. With the R41, I feel I have done just that.

The first thing I notices was the nice weight and heft of the beautifully machined razor. Then I loaded up the Muhle blade that it came with and, with some respect for its alleged aggressiveness, took it for its maiden journey. I came away with a closeness of shave that I didn't know was possible, despite the very respectable performance of my previous razor. Even around delicate areas, it was gentler than I expected. I did manage to create a small bleeder on my chin, which was easily cleared up with the Omega alum stick that I also bought with this order.

I have to say I am so far impressed and feel that the R41 was a proper choice and and a good value.
R41 = Awesomeness
If you're a fan of efficient/aggressive razors - look no further. For the money, the R41 delivers - without the added weight/bulk/complexity of something like the Merkur Futur (still my favorite razor though). Materials and finish are top-notch. This razor is a nimble sports car, able to round the tightest corners... But if you're careless, it can bite you. Do not fear this razor; just respect it and follow your technique. Not really for beginners, but easily used by those with some time with DEs. Experimenting with blades and replacing them every two shaves (or so) will let you dial in the experience. A fresh Feather or Polsilver is a treat! Wouldn't call this an everyday razor as much as a "Monday morning razor." It goes without saying - it gives a super-close shave. The only con is the handle; I went with a stainless handle for a bit of weight and grip. The weight improves the shave by adding all the "pressure" needed.
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