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Most Modern Straight Razor

The Feather Artist Club SS breaks away from the folding design of most straight razors. The shapes of the razor mixed with the materials of stainless steel and black resin make for a beautifully modern design. Feather makes its own blades that are made specifically to work with the artist club razor.

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Most Modern Straight Razor Reviews
Beginners How To Shave With A Straight Razor | Feather Tutorial
Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Razor, Black.Another take on it from The Gentleman's Club. The razor with everything to gain and nothing to lose. All positives and no defects. Watch the video: Beginners How To Shave With A Straight Razor | Feather Tutorial:
Love the Feather!
Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Razor, Black.The Feather artist club ss is a fantastic razor! There is a learning curve, but I am enjoying the process. With the professional blades the ss is sharp enough for me. Maybe I'll try the super blades at some point. I don't use this as my daily shaver yet, but I look forward to each session I do get. Close bbs shaves abound but you need solid technique and a slick lubricating lather. Also wanted to mention that I find the feather handy for trimming my pencil mustache.
The Feather Non-Folding (Artist Club) SS Straight Razor Rocks
Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Razor, Black.Thank you for your excellent service. I purchased the Feather folding SS straight razor years ago from and I have enjoyed every shave. However, my new Feather non-folding SS is a notch or two above the folding SS. I could not believe the improved mobility of the non-folding handle, it does not get in the way while shaving. The non-folding SS is the fastest and closest straight razor shave I have ever experienced. You need to buy this non-folding SS from Westcoastshaving. com. West Coast Shaving has competitive pricing and very quick service.
Feather AC SS Razor
Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Razor, Black.This SS Kamisori style razor is my first straight razor. Using proper shaving angles, the new SS version is an easy to use, forgiving straight razor, in spite of the super sharp blades, because of the rounded bottom which spreads the pressure against the skin, creating a moving, leading edge V-shaped notch into which the blade glides. The rounded bottom helps to press the skin down slightly ahead of the blade. The rounded bottom effect combined with the 0.20 mm reduced blade exposure, provides a comfortable, forgiving yet close shave. No stropping, No honing- Just razor & blades for easy convenient straight shaves.
Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Razor, Black.I really like that it doesn't fold, and takes disposable blade. I have a straight razor but don't shave with it often - this one I have used exclusively since I got it about a month ago.
Sweet Shaver
Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Razor, Black.This is my first Japanese style razor and I am very impressed. The Super Blades are incredibly sharp and require the lightest pressure to remove even the toughest stubble. They last about a week. This is an excellent shaver and I would recommend it for first time straight razor shavers.
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