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  • Moustache wax from Taylor of Old Bond Street
  • Natural hold and shine
  • Subtly scented with lavender

Taylor of Old Bond Street has been synonymous with men's grooming since it opened in 1854. Serving upper-class British gents or their up-start neighbors across the pond, TOBS provides exceptional products for every man. 

Their moustache wax helps to groom that often neglected 'stache. Since facial hair is often wiry, thicker, and more unruly than the hair on your head, it needs special attention. That is where a good wax comes in. This product is perfect for the gentleman who wants a natural hold and shine. It scoops out of the tin easily and application is a breeze. Simply comb through your cookie duster and regain control of those wayward strands. 

The product works easily and colorlessly into your whiskers. It is subtly scented with lavender so it won't overpower your senses when applying close to your nose. Additionally, you can still add your favorite aftershave splash or cologne without any competition. 

Whether you sport a little fuzz or a full-blown Selleck, put your best face forward with Taylor of Old Bond Street Moustache wax. 

Size: 30 ml 

Made in England