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Open Comb Razors

Open Comb safety razors allow more blade to be exposed to the skin.

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Open Comb Razors Reviews
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 88B, Black Stainless Steel, Open Comb Aggressive razor, just like I need. I have a very hard time getting a BBS shave with closed comb safety bar razor heads. Apparently it's due to my thick, coarse beard. My whiskers grow right up to and almost out of the edge of my lips. I need a razor head to be aggressive. This is one of the few razors I love. BBS shave almost effortless. If you like aggressive razor heads, this is for you!
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb My favorite razor. I shave my entire head every other day. The only thing is you have to be super careful. If you go too fast you will cut yourself. I was used to blowing through a shave in 5 minutes with a Proglide. But this definitely gives you the closest shave a any razor. Take the time and do it right.
New Muhle R41
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb I have the old version of this razor as well as some vintage Gillettes and a Muhle 89. I bought the older version of the R41 because the 89 and other razors were not going me the close shave I wanted. However, that R41 was very difficult to use due to what I (and other gentlemen on various shaving forums and reviews) believed to be excessive blade exposure. The new (since 2013, I'm late to the party). R41 has corrected much of what we did not like, while keeping the razor aggressive enough for BBS shaves with little effort.
West Coast Shaving 175S
West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 175S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb The West Coast Shaving Classic Collection 175S Stainless Steel Double Edged Safety Razor is a beautiful and extremely functional work of art. The handle itself is a brushed/matte stainless steel monster of an instrument. The heft of the handle itself negates putting any pressure on the head and blade itself when making your passes while squaring away your mug or head. I highly recommend this safety razor to anyone who is a beginner, to the expert and collector who would like to add this fine instrument of shaving brilliance to their repertoire. It's no wonder that this safety razor is one of the 3 best selling safety razors in West Coast Shaving's many different varieties. This one to me is the absolute best. One thing that I would like to see and have is the 2-piece head to be full stainless steel just like the handle and with the same gorgeous matte finish. Please West Coast Shaving make one ASAP so I can put it on my stunning 175S handle! It makes perfect sense to do so and I'll buy one as soon as you make it available!

Thanks for a quality product!

Chuck McCall.
Very Good Mild Razor
West Coast Shaving Midnight Collection Safety Razor 84B, Black Stainless Steel, Open Comb In the style of many modern razors, we have a composite head and stainless steel handle. The 84B is a very good, inexpensive razor. At $23.96, it's close to great. The razor has some heft, and is nicely balanced. This shaves very mild. I love Feather blades, but with Essential Tremors, I rarely escape using a Feather without at least a few nicks. I use this regularly. Recommended.
Excellent when paired
West Coast Shaving Natural Collection Razor 38W, Rosewood, Open Comb I bought the 38W razor, and have been using it as my primary razor. I've tried a few different blades. I've found that this Razor, plus VOSKHOD blades, and Shave Butter (instead of shave creams) has resulted in a far better shave than I ever experienced with cartridges. The weight and handle design of this Razor allow for getting in even those awkward areas without a problem. This is a Razor I will use for years, and will most likely be able to pass on to my children. Great work!
First Open Comb Safety
Ok, so this is my first try with an open comb safety. I've been wet shaving for about 3 months now, kind of started in reverse order. First used a Feather Artist Club SS, then a full hollow straight, a quarter hollow straight, a closed comb safety, and now this. Tried it out just now with the most mild blade I have (Lord), and it feels very close to the full hollow straight. Getting used to the thinness of the edge and the slight flex is a learning curve, but don't rush and resist the urge to apply pressure and all will be good. I got the cleanest shave this side of using a straight. Heavy, thick handle was easy to keep a grip and felt sure in my hand. After the shave, I set the razor down and accidentally brushed the back of my finger against the edge and got a nice reminder underneath a band-aid: this is no toy and will command my respect. Lesson learned but I can look forward to some really quality shaves.
Surprisingly Effective Razor!
I just completed my first shave with this razor, and I will admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. My other daily razors are the Merkur 23C (closed comb) and Merkur 25C (open comb), and the WCS 38WS outperformed them both in terms of closeness of the shave. The WCS 38WS is noticeably heavier than the Merkur razors, due to the more massive guardbar component (the underside of the razor that holds the blade in place against the loadbar (the top of the razor that comprises the open- or closed-comb function). Although the distance in between the razor blade and the guard bar is similar when comparing the WCS38WS to the Merkur 23C, it seems as though the angle of the blade is slightly more aggressive, allowing for closer contact with the skin. This results in a closer shave with less effort. (The Merkur 25C is disappointing in this regard. In spite of the claims that an open-comb razor is more aggressive than a closed-comb razor, the clearance distance between the blade and the guardbar is negligible. It is difficult to get a closeness of shave that rivals a straight razor shave with the 25C.)

The bonus is that the WCS 38WS is about half the cost of either of the Merkur razors, and yet the closeness of shave comes close to that of a straight razor. We'll see, over time, how well the construction of the razor holds up, but my initial sentiment is extremely positive. Well done, West Coast Shaving!
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