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Open Comb Razors

Open Comb safety razors allow more blade to be exposed to the skin.

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Open Comb Razors Reviews
Great razor except for the handle. Picky about the shaving angle
This is my first open comb razor. It really isn't the "plate glass window" that one might expect form the blogs. The shave is not a smooth as some as some of my closed combs but it took me a while to find the sweet spot with my Parker 98R and 65R closed combs razors and I assume that after I try a few different blades and techniques, I'll get a perfect shave. On thing about the 24C is that you need to hold the head at 40-45 degrees rather than 30 degrees to get the best shave which makes it harder to shave under the nose. I have yet to cut myself with this "dangerous" style of razor.

The one problem I encountered was with the handle. The handle, like most Parker handles, are really beautiful. The edges along the 4 faceted bands on the handle are painfully sharp to my touch. I've started to use another handle when I use this razor.
Pretty heavy
I was tired of my Merkur Future slipping from my fingers in the shower, so I got this. I like it. I don't love it. I wish the handle were 1/2 inch longer and the diameter were between this and the 78S. No trouble gripping, but too heavy to have a good feel. You know how a car's steering is a compromise between nimbleness and stability? This large diameter is not nimble enough.

The Futur is beautiful; the 175S is utilitarian. I bought the Futur after remodelling my bathroom.

You can rest the razor on the end of the head and the end of the handle, so the blade is vertical. That is because the end of the head is pretty flat.
Great razor !!!!
Great razor !!!!
Attractive razor
I've been using my husbands razor while waiting on my own to come in. In comparison to his razor, this one gives a closer shave on my legs and is much easier to hold onto in the shower. Another plus is that it is pretty to look at.
Excellent Razor
This is a simple no nonsense razor. It gets the job done leaving you with a nice clean shave.
Very happy with this razor.
Very happy with this razor. Hefty, well built and great performance.
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