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Open Comb safety razors allow more blade to be exposed to the skin.

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Open Comb Razors Reviews
Close shave
Excellent razor. Best razor in it's price range. Blade change a bit challenging though.
Fine razor
I have aEJ 89 which is for daily use as it is not very aggressive. It will not work well on three days of growth. I have this model in both closed and open comb. I like the length and the handle. They are both more aggressive than the EJ but I do not cut myself if I take proper time and care. I am unclear whether I yet feel a difference between them, but the closed comb has a heavier head which I like. I need to try different blades to get the right combination.
Decent Razor Overall
I was pleased with this razor. It was my first open comb model, and fortunately, I took to it pretty quickly. I soon was having good shaves with it, after a slightly rough first try, which I will attribute to user error. My only complaint is that blade alignment could be a little better, but oddly, this does not stop me from getting good results. I like this razor very much.
Muhle R41 DE Safety Razor
Not a toy! Very close shave with NO weight applied. I too played with blades to find the right fit for me. As Dave said in his review, This is not a beginners razor, as it is not very forgiving of mistakes in technique.
The BEST razor
I received my new razor and love it. Its not a beginner razor. They are a lot of good razors on west coast shaving. I just like Muhle. Thank you west coast shaving.
Awesome with the right blade
I have been using this razor for about two months now. I don't use it everyday... only when it's been a couple of days since I had a shave. I first tried it with my regular blades (Feather) and that was a mistake. I cut my chin. I bought some Wilkinson and I will tell you its like a whole new razor. With the milder Wilkinson blade, it is a great razor. This combo gives me extremely close and comfortable shaves. I found an article online with rated blades from the sharpest to the mildest. Feather is at the top and there are others that shave differently. This razor is not for a beginner to wet shaving, and must be treated with respect. I can't see it being your only razor, unless you only shave once or twice a week, but a supplemental razor it's awesome. The open comb never clogs with whiskers like my other razor with a closed comb. If you have done safety razor shaving before and looking for a new razor to try, I highly recommend this product.
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