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Oral Tools

Whether you are looking for natural bristle, unbelievably comfortable handle design, or fun bamboo greetings with a great brush, we've got you covered. We find only the most unique and useful products to add to our already great collection of products. We have found that the perfect combination of a great brush with other great oral hygiene products is the key to happiness. OK, maybe not the key to happiness, but is sure helps! We hope you will enjoy exploring other options beside your common supermarket brush or that one you got free from the dentist and give some of our favorite brushes we carry a whirl!

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Oral Tools Reviews
.Great toothbrush.
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush.I have a diamond clean but sometimes what a quick brush. This is the one. Natural bristles, large surface. Perfect
My favorite toothbrush
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush.I really like this toothbrush. It has a large head, which makes brushing more efficient. The bristles are super soft. And the translucent amber color of the brush is very masculine and looks great on my bathroom counter next to all my shaving gear. Well worth the price.
I got a blue one!
Elgydium Creation Toothbrush, Soft.It was time for a new toothbrush, so I thought I would check these out. I don't know if you can request a color--wouldn't have been thrilled with pink--but I thought it would be fun to be surprised. The toothbrush is larger than I had imagined, which is good because I prefer larger toothbrushes with bigger heads. The shape of the handle is more pronounced than you can see in the photo. These are soft bristle brushes, which is what my dentist recommends. Hard to get excited about a toothbrush but it's kind of cool having one made in France and it certainly does the job.
It's like brushing your teeth with a stick (in a good way)
Uppercut Deluxe Toothbrush.In my ongoing effort to cut down on the amount of plastic in my life, I thought I'd check out this toothbrush. Bamboo grows like crazy and is a great alternative to non-sustainable, non-biodegradable products. This one did not disappoint. It arrived in a paper box as shown in the photo, unlike generic toothbrushes packed in non-recyclable plastic packages. The handle is plenty long enough and slightly curved, I assume for ergonomics. I would prefer soft bristles rather than medium, but time and use will turn them soft anyway. The head is standard size. I would have preferred a slightly larger head, which is why I knocked off a star. But given all of its other attributes, I will definitely buy this toothbrush again. If Uppercut comes out with one with a larger head, it would be a definite 5-star product.
Superior Toothbrush
Elgydium Interactive Toothbrush, Soft.Love Love LOVE this tooth brush. The bristles are well made and soft. What I like is that they have various heights and yet uniformity to really clean my teeth. My family switched to these as their favorites. One thing to note, the brush is packed in a usual bubble wrap package and the head has its own little cover that can be used again when traveling or storing.
Excellent tooth brush!
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush.This is a sturdy, handsomely made toothbrush that indeed looks good on the counter. The bristles feel quite nice on one's teeth and gums, and generate voluminous suds from tooth paste. I will make this a regular purchase at WCS.
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