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Are you tired of the boring mega-store toothpastes and want to treat yourself to something extraordinary? We carry some of the most interesting toothpastes around, and you will soon discover how much better toothpaste can be. We have some of the oldest brands in the world. You will enjoy the many unique flavors, and we also find that many of these toothpastes will leave your mouth feeling cleaner than many of the big brands. Try some of them out today so you can taste and feel the difference for yourself. Hate to say it, but if you do, you might just find that you'll never go back.

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Toothpaste Reviews
Shaveing tube key
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key "My first order with wcs I bought one key, my second order I bought three more. I use for my shaving cream tubes and toothpaste tube. Wish I knew about these keys a long time ago.
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key "I bought 13 roller keys. So simple but useful. I am an oil painter and use expensive oil paints. Also I use diaper rash ointments on my patients also fairly expensive. These keys are saving me a lot of money. Your sale people need to expand these keys to artist suppliers and health care suppliers. As soon as you have more keys available, I will be buying more. I want a key on all my oil paint tubes so to keep the contents together and fresh. Thank you for this great simple tool.
I like it
Marvis Jasmine Mint Toothpaste "Pros:Works well.

Tastes good.

Scent is tasteful and sticks for several hours.

Cons: Cost is slightly higher than the stuff from wallyworld.

Nothing obviously special.

Not a lot of data from long term use
While this toothpaste is a
Acca Kappa Fluoride-Free Eucalyptus Toothpaste While this toothpaste is a lot more pricey than what I would normally buy, it is non fluoride which is better for your teeth and health. It also tastes better than most toothpastes, leaving a pleasant clean taste in your mouth. Overall a great product.
Above item was part of a larger order . . .
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key.Re: FREE Astra blades (?) I requested the blades to be included with the above total order; request was verified - NEVER received the blades. Not good PR folks. Rod Black - 101 Onslow Court, Simpsonville, SC 29680
Pearly Whites
Acca Kappa Fluoride-Free Eucalyptus Toothpaste.This is a great toothpaste that works and taste great!
It works!
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key.Do you want to squeeze out every last speck of shaving product from the tube? Use the Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key. It works great, I bought two! One for the Speick shave cream tube and one for the C. O. Bigelow branded Prorazo-style shave cream tube. Waste not, want not.
My new favorite toothpaste!
Marvis Toothpaste, Amarelli Licorice.So I love anise, love it. If you have ever had a high quality anise candy it leaves your mouth feeling fresh. Now imagine that with a hint of mint that sticks with you much longer then five minutes. I've been a die hard cinnamon toothpaste fan for years, but I'm not going back. Not only do I love the taste of this toothpaste but it cleans my teeth at least as well as any brand you'd find in the big box stores. Wish it was cheaper, but I like the flavor so much more than the regular every day stuff that I'll definitely be ordering again.
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