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  • Hot towel steamer - like the pros use
  • 4 towel capacity, ready in 15 minutes
  • Small footprint for at home or mobile applications

Have you ever leaned back in a barber chair, reveled in the hot, moisture-rich towel, felt the light scritch of a badger brush on your bristles, and experienced the smooth glide of a straight edge over your face? Ah, bliss! A traditional shave like this comes with a price, but with Barber Pro Hot Towel Steamer Mini, you can get that euphoric feeling right in your own home.

The barbershop tradition of using hot towels isn't just for relaxing, they really do contribute to a close shave by softening the hairs and opening the pores. With this device, you can have these gems ready to go in just 15 minutes. With a small footprint and 4 towel capacity, this is the perfect steamer for at home or on the go. Simply place dry towels inside the unit, add water to the base, and turn it on. If you can't wait the full 15 minutes, you can pour extra water over the towels and they can be ready in about 5.

This innovative concept means:

  • no need to pre-soak towels
  • unit regulates temperature
  • low energy use
  • auto shut off
  • ideal for small spaces or mobile needs
  • quick (ready in just 15 minutes)

Here is a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and best-selling way to create hot towels for the perfect shave: Barber Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kit (MINI), 4 Towel Capacity.

Size: 17cm x 17cm x 19cm

Made in China