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  • Sharpener gives one razor blade up to 150 shaves
  • Removes build up on razors that cause dullness
  • Designed for use after every shave

Razorpit razor blade sharpener is designed to help you get more bang for your buck. Most blades typically only last on average between 3-5 shaves, but with this handy sharpening device, you can get up to 150 shaves with just one razor blade! Think of how long you can make that little pack of razors last now.

The Razorpit sharpener works with all blade types, including cartridge, disposable, and DE blades. This device is designed to be used after every shave to remove any organic material buildup that would lead to your blades becoming dull. It is guaranteed to extend the life of your blades so you can continue to get a close, smooth, comfortable shave longer with the same blade. Who really wants to spend a ton of money buying new razor blades when you can get additional use with the ones you already have? This device makes that possible!

Size:  one sharpener is 2.25" x 5"

Made in China

Made in China