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  • Pre-shave treatment to soften skin and condition facial hair
  • Contains a water-activated heating agent
  • Not for those with sensitive skin

The hot towel routine is a classic barbershop experience- it's not only relaxing but also necessary for a smooth and comfortable shave. The Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave treatment will help you recreate this experience within the comfort of your own home by providing the right warmth you need to prep your face for the cut-down. With a unique, water-activated heating agent, it will warm up on your face for a few seconds when you apply. Simply use a circular motion with your hands to apply the treatment.

The addition of a clay-like material called Kaolin helps retain your skin's natural moisture, and remove dirt and other impurities. Bisabolol, an ingredient extracted from chamomile, soothes your skin and calms your senses- perfect for modern men who want to put some Zen into their everyday razor routine. This product is also good for women who get chill bumps when shaving their legs in the shower. Billy Jealousy products are highly effective in grooming but aren't boring- they're effortless and edgy for the fun and playful you!

Note: This product should not be used with an electric wet shaver.

Size: 8 fl oz / 236 ml

Made in America