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PreShave, Cream, Aftershave sets

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PreShave, Cream, Aftershave sets Reviews
Proraso is the best!
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus "I have tried many soaps and pre shaves but I have determined that Proraso

is My brand. I always do pre shaves because my facial hair is very course.

This is my brand!
Proraso green set
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus "I love this set. The green is so far the only one I've tried and it's wonderful. Love the scent and the menthol kick. The aftershave splash really stands out, its truly awesome.
Col Conk Shaving Soap Set, 4 pack
Col Conk Shaving Soap Set, 4 Pack "Great value for a start with shaving soap. Good variety of smells. Having a sample allows to determine what is good for me.
great product
Speick Shaving Set I really like the Speick product line. Perfect sent.
Not sure what is up with "Bob" but these are excellent soaps.
Haslinger Shaving Soap Set Great soaps, great slickness, great lather and great price for four of this soap. Great buy if you can get it for this price.
Don't need much
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus.A little dab on the brush and your in business. Great aroma from the foam and the menthol feels good on the skin.
First time wet shaving with a good shaving soap
Col Conk Shaving Soap Set, 4 Pack Well, I mistakenly ordered 2 quantities of this 4 pack and thought it was normal; I ended up with 2 pucks of the same scent for a total of 8 pucks. Nevertheless, I went from a free puck that was purchased as part of a razor shaving set (GBS I believe). Since it was my first time wet shaving the soap provided did not lather like higher-end soaps and in return made my shaving experience forgetful. Then comes Col. Conk soap. This was my first shaving soap purchase and I have to say it was way better than the GBS soap. It lathers fairly quickly, doesn't dissipate on your face, smells good, and helps guide the razor smoothly along your face. The only downside to this soap was that you have to reapply after every pass or if you simply want to go over a small spot you missed. It doesn't provide any kind of slickness once the foam is off your face. This can be an asset to those who want a clean feeling without their face feeling slick or like the soap is still on their skin. This soap will leave no soap residue but sacrifices in the slickness department. Otherwise, this was a good first choice into the new realms of wet shaving.
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