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PreShave, Cream, Aftershave sets Reviews
Not sure what is up with "Bob" but these are excellent soaps.
Haslinger Shaving Soap Set Great soaps, great slickness, great lather and great price for four of this soap. Great buy if you can get it for this price.
Don't need much
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus.A little dab on the brush and your in business. Great aroma from the foam and the menthol feels good on the skin.
Always A Great Lather
Proraso Set, Green Tea And Oat.Proraso white set creates a great pre-, during, and post-shaving experience. The pre-shave cream really conditions the hairs and preps them for optimal shaving. The shaving soap creates a rich lather that is perfect for creating a comfortable shave that will leave you without any irritation. The aftershave lotion is a fantastic post-shave tool that always treats any nicks and leaves my skin in perfect condition after great shave. It is great for travel usage as well, and my wife loves the scent that isn't too overwhelming.
Fast and easy .Greatservice.
Crown Shaving Co. Gift Set.They make real easy to order and rush it Out.
Good choice starter kit
Omega Shaving Cream and Brush with Stand Kit.This being my first purchase of a shaving cream and brush turned out to be a very good choice to make. I tried drug store brand shaving brush years ago and quickly returned to the can.This time,the can goes and the brush and cream soap stays. A highly recommended product who wishes to treat himself inexpensively with a very nice starter set.Also,the order was immediately acted upon and it was received a few days later.
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