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Proraso After Shaves

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Proraso After Shaves Reviews
Stop bleeding in a second
Proraso Styptic Gel, 10ml "This product works very well! Apply a post shave balm after using as it leaves white residue.
A Nice Balm
Proraso Alcohol Free Aftershave Balm, Aloe and Vitamin E, 100ml "I wanted something with a light, non-invasive scent that would dissipate quickly and not affect the residual from the cream / soap used, or any cologne I might want to use after shaving.

This is a liquid cream. It goes on well, doesn't seem greasy, and soaks in quickly. It seems to moisturize the face and is good at staving off any razor burn. The scent is unusual but nice, and it does disappear fairly quickly. My wife and I are usually very good at determining scents (food, wine, whiskey, etc.) but the closest we could come up with in this case is sweet cream with a touch of wintergreen. Like I said, it is different, but not unpleasant. While it's not my favorite balm, it does seem to work well.
This stuff is one of the great ones!
Proraso Alcohol Free After Shave Balm, Menthol & Eucalyptus "This Proraso balm has menthol and eucalyptus for a nice cool feeling and it leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth. It's as good or better than any balm I've ever used and I've tried a bunch of them over the years. You can't beat the price either!
Proraso Aftershave
Proraso green set
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus "I love this set. The green is so far the only one I've tried and it's wonderful. Love the scent and the menthol kick. The aftershave splash really stands out, its truly awesome.
Proraso works the best for me
Proraso Pre & Post Cream, Menthol & Eucalyptus, 100ml "I use the Proraso pre-shave cream before every shave and have to apply it quite liberally, as I have very sensitive skin but a tough beard. I have to re-wet, re-lather, and re-shave a number of times, especially on my short neck and beside my mouth around the chin. Because of Proraso and more experience using my double-edged razor, I have dramatically reduced cuts. But I have to use a good bit of it and rub it in thoroughly to make sure I can re-wet, re-lather, and re-shave. For me, it provides better protection than the oils.
Works great!
Proraso Styptic Gel, 10ml "Nice addtion to my repertoire. Seals up nicks and cuts nicely. Residue easy to clean off.
Proraso Alcohol Free Aftershave Balm, Aloe and Vitamin E, 100ml "This is a good alternative for dry weather.
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