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Proraso After Shaves

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Proraso After Shaves Reviews
Very Happy Customer!!
I really like the scent and feel of this after shave. Its clean and not overwhelming. Great value too. Fast delivery. Recommendation: go easy on the after purchase marketing emails.
been around forever simply put
been around forever simply put I find it the best
Nice smell, works as well as as good oil
Nice smell, works as well as as good oil for pre-shave, except that it is a lot easier to clean off your hands for a firm grip on your brush and razor. Don't be stingy with application. Unlike an oil where 6 drops is enough, I put dime sized daubs on my cheeks, chin and throat and rub it in. I've been using it for a post-shave balm, after rinsing and alum, and I'm not convinced that I'll stick with it as a post shave yet but it works fairly well and I'll certainly use it for travel where space is at a premium .
A new favorite!
After all the shave soaps, croaps, splashes and such, I keep returning to my old stand-bys.... PRORASO! I've loved all of the "colors" of Proraso, with green and blue being my two favorites. The white is great too and the red products were always in last place. Well they FINALLY came out with the red splash and I have to say, combined with the red pre shave and red soap, I now LOVE the red line!!! This aftershave is fantastic!!!!! I can't get enough of its scent! It's really great sandalwood splash and it's now in my top 5 favorites! I'll definitely be buying this on a regular basis.
Excellent Product
Ive always been a big fan of the Proraso Sandalwood Shave Cream. When I realized this was the same scent, I decided to try it. The scent is amazing, it has a moisturizing effect- never burns- and the scent lasts half a day. Aside from Cremo face moisturizer, it is the best product Ive found for post shave.
Different Label - same pre-shave
Proraso Pre & Post Cream, Green Tea & Oat, 100ml First couple times I bought this it was a white and gray label. The last jar had red, green and white and at first appeared to be the wrong product. Popped the lid off, gave it a whiff and its the tea scent I expected. Finally I looked a little closer and realized it's still labeled sensitive. Anyways, great stuff! Used it for years!
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