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Proraso Shaving Cream & Soaps

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Proraso Shaving Cream & Soaps Reviews
Better IMHO for sensitive skin than the Proraso "White"
I've been using Proraso "White" in my rotation because it's labeled for use with sensitive skin but it has menthol in it. Menthol while loved by many, and that's fine, is not a great choice for sensitive skin. Proraso "Red" is IMHO, much more "skin-friendly". When you elect to preform a daily 3 pass shave and an alum block, you need all the help you can get especially under the chin.

This croap whips up into a nice thick lather. It's also a great travel soap as it comes in its own bowl.
Nice smell, works as well as as good oil
Nice smell, works as well as as good oil for pre-shave, except that it is a lot easier to clean off your hands for a firm grip on your brush and razor. Don't be stingy with application. Unlike an oil where 6 drops is enough, I put dime sized daubs on my cheeks, chin and throat and rub it in. I've been using it for a post-shave balm, after rinsing and alum, and I'm not convinced that I'll stick with it as a post shave yet but it works fairly well and I'll certainly use it for travel where space is at a premium .
Cool and refreshing shave cream that lathers up nice - you won't be disappointed with any Proraso purchase.
Excellent Soap for the money.
My first experience with Proraso products was a bit rough. Coming from the tradition of tallowate soaps, I thought the green tube Proraso cream would be a step up. And it might have been, but I guess I've always been terrible at building lather from creams.. I knew that even though that particular product didn't exactly work with my brush/lathering methods, it was pretty good stuff. Had I started with this soap, I would still be using it. Not sure whether it's the soap format or the mild formulation of the product which does it for me, but with a light oil preshave, this stuff gives my beloved mitchell's a run for the money. The lather is light but wet- rather like mitchell's- there is only the lightest fragrance to speak of: Like white tea. This soap seems to use coconut oil as an emollient, but it is not overbearing in any way (for example: like how tallow soaps can feel oily to some). Rinses clean and dry. I bought this soap for my wife to use, but I'm definitely curious about trying the rest in the line now. My only complaint is that i wish it were packaged a bit differently. I like to build lather mostly in the bowl, but it's hard to do that given the size of the container. I'd rather see them package it in a slightly larger container with the same size soap or just package the soap by itself. But for a traveler or sportsman wanting to shave at the gym this might be the perfect format.
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Proraso Shaving Cream Soap, Green Tea & Oat, 150g Tub I think for the money you can not do better,good thick lather and a west coast shaver grade A
Different Label - same pre-shave
Proraso Pre & Post Cream, Green Tea & Oat, 100ml First couple times I bought this it was a white and gray label. The last jar had red, green and white and at first appeared to be the wrong product. Popped the lid off, gave it a whiff and its the tea scent I expected. Finally I looked a little closer and realized it's still labeled sensitive. Anyways, great stuff! Used it for years!
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