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Best Beginner Razor Blade Reviews
Great shave
I got two packs of blades recently and immediately put one in my razor. Got a close, clean shave. Will definitely be getting more of these blades.
Not as good as my normal blade I would not purchase again
Good razor blades
This the first time I used Astra razor blade and I like them. I normally shave with the Personna Surgical. I think I will add the Astra razor blades to my shaving gear arsenal.
Astra superior platinum
Great blade sharp no drag leaves face smoother than any other blade I've used. I have a very corse hair and I got 6 shaves out of a blade most only last three to four shaves. I shave twice a week so for one to last 6 shaves is very impressive to me.
Astra: The best for me so far. Maybe for you, too.
I have only re-joined the ranks of DE shavers within the last couple of months, following a 40-year dry spell after a "less-than-perfect" experience with one of my grandfather's old Gillette razors (how I wish now that I still had those razors). I’ve tried several different blades in a small assortment of razors to find a combination that best suited my skin, beard, and evolving technique. I was surprised that some of the highest-rated blades didn't work well for me in any of the razors I use. One of the helpful staff members at the West Coast Shaving retail store near my home said that my choice of razors, prep and technique sounded pretty good, but that the Dorco blade I was using could be part of the problem. He suggested that I try Astra. I did, and he was right! I used one in a "starter" TTO razor from Dorco and got the closest shave of my life without a single nick or cut, and virtually no irritation. That's a profound accomplishment with my skin and beard. I then found that I could get up to four 3-pass shaves from a single blade in all of my other razors except a vintage 1958 Gillette Tech D1 that I found in a thrift shop and restored to like-new condition. I got two good shaves with that one before I noticed some pulling and dragging. I chalk that up to the razor. What I've learned is that finding both the "right" blade and the "right" razor has as much to do with your own skin and beard type, and especially your technique, as the blade and razor you're using. Each of us is different from everyone else, so all of these reviews are subjective. But if you practice good prep and technique, use a decent or better quality razor, and have a thick beard and a skin type that is prone to irritation, I think there's a very good chance that these Astra blades will find your sweet spot as they have mine.
Excellent Blades! (Cousins of Others)
My Italian barber told me to try these and he was right. These are excellent blades. And if you do some homework, you will find out why. These are made in the Petersburg Products factory outside of Leningrad -- a joint venture between Proctor and Gamble and Leninetz, a Russian company. The SAME FACTORY makes some (but not all) of the Gillette double edged blades (Super Stanless; Platinum; maybe others), Permasharp blades, Iridium Super blades, Polsilver blades, and several other name brands. I have tried several of those and they all -- to me -- feel exactly the same! All excellent. I think only the packaging is different (does anyone have any different information?) They are all just SLIGHTLY less sharp than Feathers, but I find them all somewhat smoother (after the first shave, which is always is a "break in" shave for any new blade.) But, unlike the Feathers, I never nick or cut myself with these. I get a full week's worth of shaving with them ( I flip the blade upside down in my razor after 4 days). Anyone who gets fewer shaves probably is not preparing his face sufficiently ahead of time ( take 5 minutes and use lots of hot towels or hot water first, and maybe also a pre-shave balm like Proraso to soften the beard) OR has a particularly tough beard, OR just doesn't shave every day. Also, since the Astra blades are cheaper than the Gillette Super Stainless or Gillette Platinum blades-- and I think are absolutely identical since they are all made in the same factory -- why not go with the Astra? That's what i do, and I've been very happy.