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You Made it Simple
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice Your sample pack had enough variety and made simple the very important task of finding the right blade match to beard and skin type. Astra for me. Thankyou...............Kevin A.
Great for a beginner like me
DE Blade Sampler Pack, ChoiceJust starting out with a safety razor, and this sort of sampler is exactly what I needed since I have no clue what I am going to like, or even that the blades could have any difference between them at all. Looking back, it would have been nice for the sampler pack to include a blade safe. If you're buying the sampler, you're probably a beginner, and probably don't have a plan for where to put the used blades...just a suggestion. But still, this was a great starting point for me!
Fantastic sampler!
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice.Fantastic sampler!
So far so good
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice.Have not used all the blades in the pack thus far. But the product came promptly and so far it is a good way to get to know the different types of blades that are available.
Good verie
Great way to assess various razors
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice.I purchased this pack as I wanted to explore different types of blades. Only finding Wilkinson Sword blades in Dallas (at Bed, Bath, and Beyond), I wanted to test out some other blades. Product was shipping quickly and was as described. I would definitely recommend using this pack (or a similar one) to decide which blade is best for you.
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