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Best Value Razor Blades Reviews
Sharp and durable
After shaving my way through a WCS sampler pack I settled on Red Personnas as my default blade. They give me a smooth clean shave in both my Merkur and Edwin Jagger razors. They last longer for me than Feather or Merkur blades, up to 10 shaves. Great blades at a great value.
Red Personna Israeli Double Edge Razor Blades-UK Packaging (100 blades)
Very impressed with these blades. They are sharp but do not easily cut your face. Blade choices tend to be highly personal but after trying many of the leading choices, I found these the best fit for me.
Great blades
These are great blades!! Sharp and easy on my skin. I tried many different blades before settle on these.
Great blades. My go to.
Great blades. My go to. Middle of the road for sharpness and aggressiveness. Great service from WCS!
Good delivery
Good razors at a great price.
An excellent razor blade at an excellent price! Speedy service and shipping, too.