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sample pack
The blades came as described and so far appear of high quality
Best Money Ever Spent
This is the best sampler pack I have ordered. It comes with a very wide selection so that I can now try all of the blades I have been wanting to try. So far I have only used the Shark Stainless blades. For the Money this pack is definitely worth it!!!
Blades Blades everywhere
I'm brand new to wet shaving, (As of Fathers Day) and like most things today there are any number of choices, sometimes too many but in this case the "sampler pack everything" gives you everything you need to make a great choice in choosing a blade right for your face and shaving patterns. In three words I LOVE EM. My wife thinks i'm funny, going from hating saving to raving about it.
Great pack to learn from
This has many different blades and when you are starting wet shaving this is perfect to experiment and learn from. Take good notes and you will profit from the experience.
Helps to find the correct DE blade
The sampler pack helps me to find the right blade. Originally, I thought "sharper is better" . However , I learned that is not the case since a very sharp blade tends to nick and cut oneself. I am enjoying going through the blades to find the right one for me
Needs a rebranding
I've been a wet shaver for about 10 years, but have been using the same blade since I've started. I'm excited to start trying some of these blades. I do think this sample pack needs a rebranding. It currently carries 17 packs, but to call it everything is a bit of a stretch. There are 13 other DE blades that West Coast sells today, that are not in the sample kit, some of which I'll be creating my own kit to try.