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Sharpest Razor Blade Reviews
Been DE shaving 6 months and researched these blades thoroughly, so I knew what I was getting into, but was optimistic. First try was a very harsh shave with several nicks, guess I need to develop my technique!
Super Sharp!
These blades are super sharp and very strong. I like Feather blades because they do not bend, but they are very strong and sharp.
Feather double edge blades
I've tried a lot of blades and use several brands but when I want the best results I use a Feather with my Muhle 89. I think they are the sharpest I've tried and last reasonably well. As sharp as they are I seldom get a cut or nick when using one.
Baby's butt smooth
Started shaving with DE blades back in 60's. Stainless blades were new then. Was wooed away by the "multi-disposable jocks". Then about 5 years ago got disgusted with available disposable razors and dug up my original DE razor. Used the blades available from the stores for a couple years and decided to try other brands, and some shaving soaps, mostly. From there it was a process of elimination until Yellow Feathers. This is my second order, 70, which should last about a year.....
Excellent service, some hard to find products
Ten stars!
These are ridiculously sharp. Break-skin-without-applying-pressure sharp. I'm not a very aggressive shaver, so that's a benefit. I'm also lazy and don't like to spend a lot of time shaving, so these are great because they really only require a couple of passes. I was using the Gillette 7 O'Clock blades, graduating from Blacks to Yellows, but these Feathers are sharper still! They're not quite as smooth as the 7 O'Clock Blacks, but I'm done shaving so quickly it hardly matters. I have significantly less razor burn than I'm used to with the Gillette blades, too. I'm a fan for life.