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Replaceable Blade Straight Razors

Replaceable blade straight razors (also known as shavettes) give you the closeness of a straight and the convenience of a disposalable.

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Many people loved the testosterone-inducing buzz of a "cut-throat" straight razor, but they don't love the honing and stropping needed to keep it in that way. The shavette razor allows you the best of both worlds. You can get the closeness and feedback that you get with a long, sharp blade, but you don't have the maintenance when you can simply switch out the blades with a new, fresh edge. Also, great for barbers who need a new, sanitary blade with each client.

Replaceable Blade Straight Razors Reviews
Trure Safty Razor
I've used this razor for two weeks, and it is a true safety razor. It help to maintain the 45┬░angle necessary to achieve a proper shave.
Parker blade
Great starter straight blade. For $20 it a great set for beginners.
Does exactly what I bought it for...
I've been looking for something to trim the top of my mustache under my nose. The narrow width of the blade holder makes that possible. In the interest of full disclosure, I probably shouldn't call what I'm using it for shaving. But, I can pick off one hair at a time and make it work. I dinged it one star just because of the flimsy feel. Yes, it is light and easy to control in tight quarters as I mentioned. But, the overall feel is maybe just a little too light. Not a big deal, but it's not a very expensive piece of equipment either.
High quality razor for the
High quality razor for the price!
Not a bad razor for the price
I bought this razor because I was curious straight razors, but I didn't want to spend $200 or more on a good razor, strop and hone. It is for the most part a good razor that is fairly well made I did have a problem getting the blade to stay in place while loading it up. The blade kept rising up in the back while trying to load, I ended up trying 4 or 5 times before I got it to stay in place. I don't know if it is a design flaw, or just a quality issue with that one razor. Either way I am sure that I will be able to adapt to it once I load a few more blades in it.

As far as the shaving goes, I didn't have any trouble until I got to the mouth and chin areas, then I got a few nicks and scrapes. I am still having a little trouble in those areas so their is a bit of a learning curve. If you are thinking of giving straight razors a try, this is a good option. I do suggest that you look on youtube for some straight razor videos before trying to shave with it the first time it may save you a few nicks and scrapes.
I recommend this razor completely!
Personna Monsieur Charles No. 800 Razor I recommend this razor completely! It is really easy to put the re usable blades in and has a nice handle on it! Which makes for an easier shave. It makes a great gift and is definitely worth the price!
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