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Replaceable blade straight razors (also known as shavettes) give you the closeness of a straight and the convenience of a disposalable.

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Many people loved the testosterone-inducing buzz of a "cut-throat" straight razor, but they don't love the honing and stropping needed to keep it in that way. The shavette razor allows you the best of both worlds. You can get the closeness and feedback that you get with a long, sharp blade, but you don't have the maintenance when you can simply switch out the blades with a new, fresh edge. Also, great for barbers who need a new, sanitary blade with each client.

Replaceable Blade Straight Razors Reviews
I bought this razor primarily as a way to practice my skills at the straight razor, without cost and maintenance. It's quality is ok, nothing to flashy, but not the worst. Overall I believe that this razor is worth the one time investment.
nice shave
This is another stepping stone to a straight razor. started with 3 blade cartridge razor, moved to a DE safety razor, to this. There is a learning curve, but if you take your time works great. I feel it gives me the closest shave yet. comes with a holder so you can even used the blades from your DE safety razor. cant beat the price.
Per boyfriend handles great compared to other but needs to ship w full length blade. Great value for price.
Excellent shaver
Got one of this Japanese beauty from a friend. I have previously used Feather and straight razor, safety razor as well so i can compare to something here. The shape and quality of this razor is outstanding, flawless. It shaves close with no irritation compare to other shavettes. Easy to maintain- just drop a fresh blade inside and have 7 fresh shaves or more depending on blade choice.
Solid Shavette
The Parker SRB is a great tool for those who are trying their hand at straight razing and want to get a knack for it before spending the money on a real straight razor. Definitely recommend
...the razor just isn't for me. I love my safety razor and am going to stay with it. For one, my eyesight just isn't what it used to be and this shavet needs a certain amount of precision that I don't have anymore. I wish I could use it, but it's just not for me.
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