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Best Selling Safety Razor:

The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, is our best selling safety razor by far. This 2 piece safety razor is made in Germany. This razor is great for everyone, beginner or expert.
Best Value Safety Razor:

West Coast Shaving Knurly Dude Safety Razor. We make this safety razor. This Twist-To-Open chrome plated razor is a great value at $26.99

Highest Quality Safety Razor:

The Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor is machined and it’s nearly perfect. Its design is excellent. And it comes in a beautiful gift box.

Most Aggressive Shave Safety Razor:

The Open Comb Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor is aggressive, meaning that it has a lot of blade exposure allowing for more blade to come in direct contact with your skin.

Most Modern Safety Razor:

The Merkur Futur Safety Razor is all things modern. It has a sleek, matte design. And it is an adjustable razor which allows you to change the blade gap to your desired aggressiveness.

Best Design for an Undercover Spy:

The Barley Gold Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor is perfect for the morning shave after a long night of unfurling the plans to destroy the world. Well done. You deserve something with extra character.

Safety Razor Recommendations Reviews
Muhle R41 DE Safety Razor
Not a toy! Very close shave with NO weight applied. I too played with blades to find the right fit for me. As Dave said in his review, This is not a beginners razor, as it is not very forgiving of mistakes in technique.
If you are thinking about buying this razor, do it.
My first razor was a Weishi and it does/did pretty well. I was getting shaves closer than I ever could with the old cartridge razor. Then I got this and dropped my usual Voshkod blade into it...WOW! Very smooth, more aggressive than the Weishi but not unpleasantly so, and I notice the blades seem to last longer in it than they did with the Weishi (4 shaves vs. 2). The head takes some getting used to (don't cut yourself), but once you get beyond that, you will fall in love with this thing. The two piece design also makes it very easy to clean vs. a butterfly razor. Also it seems to take on the qualities of whatever blade you put in it. For a normal day, the Voshkods do the job. For when I haven't shaved in a few days and have more to deal with, put an Astra or a PolSilver in. It always goes right through and no tugging or anything assuming the blade isn't worn out.
Quality razor
This is the first safety razor I've used. Typical of anything German, this razor feels high quality and is over engineered. I've been using it on settings 1-2 and get a great shave without any blood loss. The head is larger than some other safety razors, but I'm still able to get around my nose without any issues. The blade gap on this razor makes it (at least on paper) one of the most aggressive razors on the market, however I've been using it from day 1 and really, really enjoy the shaves I get from it and don't feel that it's overly aggressive.
My first safety razor, can't be anything better!
My first safety razor purchase ever. I'm 36 years old and have always used the latest most expensive razor by Gillette. Mach 3, fusion, then the Proglide. This Merkur 34c has a perfect feel in the hand, great weight and balance, and simple smooth blade change. So far I've tried the Merkur blade that came with it, feather, and the Gillette silver blue blades. They have all worked great, but the Merkur blade seemed to be the sharpest of all I've tried so far. You will not be disappointed in this safety razor.
I've been shaving forever
I cant believe I was buying disposable razors for the past 20+ years...

This product is perfectly weighted and will be a lifetime investment.
Private label razor
Private label razor