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This is creepy.
Standard Set, Raw "I've been programmed for a long time to look for heft and weight in razors. Merkurs are OK, my Edwin Jagger is better, and I'm grudgingly willing to give a very slight edge to the Feather that cost way too much and wasn't worth it, compared to the Jagger. I won't buy the Pils, because it's obscenely expensive. So why would I take a try on this Standard, that is billed as being very light? Who knows. It was on sale. I was intrigued. I was bored. Whatever. And today, it came. It's very creepy. It has no weight. It's like a plastic joke, except it's aluminum. I was going to try it out with a new blade, but I decided it would be a better test, if I used the blade I was going to get rid of because it's not so sharp any more. But I know how it felt yesterday.

Wow, does this new Standard work! The blade was much sharper than it was yesterday, and whatever angle they gave it was unbelievable. This is an incredible razor. It felt wrong to use it, because it's too light, but a razor is supposed to help a blade cut well. It's not just supposed to be as heavy as possible.

I gave this razor four stars, mostly because I resent that it's made in China. That's really it. It is without question a five star razor. It's the best one I own.
Edwin Jagger Razor Handle
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Gillette? Mach 3 Razor, Imitation Light Horn "Very impressed w/ the quality of this razor handle. Fits well in the hand and assists in the cross shave tasks for that extremely close quality shave.
Great razor
Muhle R107 Double Edge Safety Razor "The Muhle razor has a shorter handle than my other razor but the shave it gives is a lot better. It is a great razor I am glad that I purchased it.
Edwin Jagger DE86811 Double Edge Safety Razor
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Barley Gold "I own two Muhle's and two Edwin Jagger's. For my face the Edwin Jagger's shave smoother and more nick free. This particular model has a knurled handle for better grip, plus it enhances the beauty of this razor.
Weighty and Beautiful - Bought to Shave Legs
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Long' Handle, Chrome "I'm a woman who heard that long handled is the way to go safety razor wise to shave your legs. This handles beautifully, barely nicked myself on my first try and it's really just a nice shaving experience. I opted for this handle because I don't like the look of cross hatching on metal but think it actually may be the better choice, just because wet fingers in the bathtub on a heavy smooth metal might cause a bit of slippage. Beautiful item, proud to own it.
I got this razor for
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Rubber Coated, Ivory I got this razor for my husband for Christmas! He loved it!
Gift for My Daughter
Baxter of California Safety Razor This was a direct request from my daughter because she had one previously for shaving her legs, and says it is the best! She was very pleased to get the replacement for the one she accidentally left at a hotel.
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