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Edwin Jagger Bulbous Double Edge Safety Razor, Satin.THE BEST DOUBLE EDGE I HAVE EVER OWNED.
Edwin Jagger Briar Wood Double Edge Safety Razor.Razors are a personal item and every man has his preferences. This one is mine. Beautiful to look at, this one is uniquely designed. The center of gravity is in the handle, at the briar wood insert, rather than in the razor head. This approximates the engineering concept of a balance beam which swings freely in either direction, perhaps an ideal concept for a razor. The result is a light touch upon the skin, even with a very sharp blade. It provides a smooth, comfortable shave and is noteworthy for delicate work around the mustache and corners of the mouth without drawing blood. The long, tapered handle suits my style, permitting various angles of attack. This razor, as a stand alone instrument, is all but impossible to find in the United States. My thanks to West Coast Shaving for being a dedicated "stockist"
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