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  • Coordinating shaving set from Edwin Jagger
  • 3-pieces: pure badger brush, popular DE razor, chrome-plated stand
  • Black rubber lined handles for enhanced grip and stylish presentation

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When you are looking for a great start to your wet shaving itch, look no further than Edwin Jagger. High quality & beautiful design mesh perfectly in their shaving essentials. And when they bundle them into a stunning coordinating set, well, how can you say no? Check out Edwin Jagger 3-Piece DE Shaving Set, Black & Chrome Lined Rubber Coated Handle.

The set includes –

  • Edwin Jagger razor- This three piece set starts with their popular DE safety razor. It takes any standard DE razor blades. The razor features a black rubber coated handle for excellent grip and chrome-plating for a clean finish.
  • Edwin Jagger shaving brush - The matching brush is loaded with pure badger hair - an excellent entry into the world of badger brushes. It is sure to whip up a substantial lather! The brush also boasts a rubber lined handle and a chrome-plated collar.
  • Edwin Jagger stand - The finishing touch to this set is the chrome-plated stand. This shaving requisite holds both the brush and razor without tying up valuable vanity space. It displays your lovely purchase to perfection -- but it isn't just a pretty face. It serves an important function by allowing your razor and brush to dry completely between uses.

Grab this set and get shaving!


  • Overall height - 105mm/4.12 inches
  • Handle height - 54mm/2.12 inches
  • Handle diameter - 27mm/1.06 inches
  • Knot size - 21mm


  • Handle length - 85mm/3.4 inches
  • Total length - 93mm/3.7 inches

Made in England

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