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  • 3 piece precision head takes your favorite DE blades
  • Impeccably balanced for perfect control
  • Elegant nickel accents

Today_��s modern man is intelligent and classy, but very practical. With advances in technology, there is absolutely no reason why men can_��t be clean and put-together, without spending a fortune. It_��s all about finding the right wet shaving products that provide the perfect balance of functionality, style, and fair price. This is exactly what Edwin Jagger provides.

The Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Nickel Plated is a well-designed shaver that_��s perfectly balanced and provides impeccable control. Unlike the previous DE line, this shaver_��s weight is balanced more towards its head. The reason for this is ease of use; the weighted head eliminates the need to press the shaver hard on your face, giving you a closer and smoother shave without bumps, nicks, and irritations. The three-piece head takes standard DE blades so you can use your favorite.

This razor is made with only the finest materials. It is plated with nickel -- a lustrous material in a beautiful silvery-white color with a slight gold tinge that never loses its toughness. Its design is a perfect balance of traditional razors and modern themes.

Enjoy a smooth and precise glide with each and every shave at home, only with the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Nickel Plated. Get yours now.

Length: 4.4 inches

Weight: 159 grams

Made in England