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  • West Coast Shaving safety razor
  • Brass with chrome-plating, butterfly head
  • Textured handle for good grip

If you love wet shaving for its tradition, history, and manliness, then you need to check out West Coast Shavings new line of safety razors. These gorgeous implements are manufactured for West Coast using the highest quality standards, materials, and workmanship. Like swords of old, West Coast Shaving En Garde Safety Razor is hand-finished, well-balanced, and beautiful.

This stunning razor is all-brass construction with chrome-plating, so you have a durable, corrosion-resistant, long-lasting grooming tool. The twist-to-open (or butterfly) head allows you to change your blade without multiple pieces to keep track of. Simply turn the knob at the end of the handle, slide out the old blade, insert a new one, and twist the knob again to close. You never have to grasp the head to screw in the new blade -- saving your fingers! It fits all standard DE blades so you can use your favorite brand for a perfect shave, every time.

The handle melds form and function beautifully. The texture adds the perfect grip in wet environments, but it also evokes grasping the hilt of your sword as you head out to face your dragons - fire-breathing or otherwise! The WCS logo is subtle etched on the knob of the handle, so you know you are getting a quality tool.

Damsels, dragons, or deadlines, face your day clean-shaven with West Coast Shaving En Garde Safety Razor.

Total length: 110.5mm / 4.35in
Handle length: 87.5mm / 3.44in
Handle diameter: 1.3mm / 0.44in

Made in India