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  • Elegant safety razor from West Coast Shaving
  • 3-piece design, chrome-plated, available in open or closed comb
  • Black knurled handle for grip

Luminescent chrome, deepest ebony, if this contrast pleases your aesthetics then you need to check out our Black on Track safety razor from West Coast Shaving. For years, we've been your one-stop shop for all your grooming needs. And how we are providing the quintessential wet shaving tool - a DE safety razor, manufactured with the highest standards and materials. We think you will love this West Coast Shaving Black on Track Safety Razor, Open Comb (or get it with Closed Comb).

This grooming utensil is brass with a zinc alloy head all plated in chrome. Highly durable and corrosion resistant, this instrument should last you through many years of great shaves. Just change out the blade with any standard DE edge. Don't already have a favorite? Try one our sample packs. This common 3-piece design is simple to use. Unscrew the handle from the head, insert a new blade between the two head plates and screw back together. The open comb head is more aggressive than its closed counterpart as it exposes more of the blade to the skin. For a milder shave consider the closed option.

A traditional razor with a contemporary feel. The handle of this grooming requisite blends form and function. The black knurled handle is pleasing to the eye with its ringed middle, texture, and depth, but it isn't just another pretty face. It provides just the grip you need in a wet environment. The handle boasts a little WCS pride with our logo subtly etched on the bottom.

Get your shave on the right track - get Black on Track.

Total length: 108mm / 4.26in
Handle length: 102.5mm / 4.0in
Handle diameter: 11.7mm / 0.46in

Made in India