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As more and more women discover the joys of wet shaving, more and more products are being designed with their specific needs in mind. So, too, with this sample pack of blades from West Coast Shaving. We have a bunch of female wet shavers on staff and here are some picks for the best blades for legs!

In this Lady's Choice Sample Pack you get five different blades to try.

  • Red Personna - a stainless steel blade with platinum-coating
  • Astra - a platinum-coated blade
  • Gillette Silver Blue - this hard to find favorite might make the top of your list
  • Wilkinson - excellent balance of edge quality and comfort
  • Polsilver - this super iridium blade is sharp and smooth

Find your favorite without having to shell out for hundreds of blades you will never use.

Get Lady's Choice Sample Pack from West Coast Shaving.

Size: 5 blades/pack