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Not 100% correct order
Black Safety Razor Set- Build Your Own I ordered everything in black (as the product was described) the brush I received was the Ivory handle. When I spoke with them about it, they understood it was a messup on their end. Instead of replacing the brush with the correct one they told me the manufacturer messed up and no black handle brushes were in stock at all and didn't know when they would come in. In return they refunded me 1/2 the cost of the brush. Overall quality is great, but not 100% what I ordered of expected.
Gave shaving a second try...

A little background, I historically never shave because I've always gotten razor burn/irritation no matter how careful I shaved with regular disposable razors. After reading about safety razors, I combed through the review and other sets online and decided on this set. The set was a great introduction to using a safety razor and gave me everything that I needed to get started. Between the safety razor and the included shaving cream, I haven't had any razor burn that I've typically expected after shaving.

What a Really Great Shaving Kit

Razor: love the weight and how it handles my beard and shaving cream. Shaving Soap: So nice, love the smell and the ease of lathering. Shaving Brush: I have both the Black & the White brushes, it feels like an extravagant luxury compared to my old brushes, WOW! Blades: Astra Blades are awesome, try them if you haven't. I couldn't be happier with this kit and I highly recommend it!

Thank you

I am in the military stationed in Japan and WSC has made it easy for me to continue wet shaving. Thanks again.

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