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  • Artisan-made shampoo
  • Exclusive recipe handed down since 1924
  • Suitable for those who struggle with greasy hair and skin

Antica Barbieria Colla, the oldest and most well-known barbershop in Milan, is famous for its prestige and traditions - all widely recommended by its Italian and international clientele. This isn't just a grooming company. It is an Italian experience, since 1904 when founder Dino Colla opened his doors. Today the tradition of customer service and attention to detail are continued by Franco Bompieri. When you can't get to Italy, you can bring a bit of Antica Barbieria Colla home with their Shampoo, Nut.

This luxurious and artisanal product is prepared with an exclusive recipe, handed down from Colla to Mantovanini to Bompieri. When attention to detail is your hallmark, one size fits all is anathema. So this recipe is tweaked to fit the needs of different hair types with specific needs. This Nut Shampoo is designed for those who struggle with greasy hair and skin. When used regularly, this cleanser reduces the production of sebum without drying the hair.

Subtly scented and perfect for the greasiest hair, get Antica Barbieria Colla Shampoo, Nut. Or any of the others in their full line of hair cleansing products.

Size: 200ml

Made in Italy