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  • Slows down the balding process
  • Strengthens hair follicles
  • Refreshing peppermint scent

Rejuvenate your hair with Fuzzy Logic. It strengthens your strands so you get a luxurious mane, while slowing down balding with its DHT blocking properties. Dihydrotestosterone (5α-Dihydrotestosterone) or DHT is one of the factors that lead to hair loss. For men who are conscious about their thinning locks, this product is for you. 

This shampoo also gets rid of dirt and oils for a pristine look. It thoroughly cleanses so you can have glossy, but grease-free strands. Tame that unruly mop with this solution's moisturizing and conditioning ingredients that also stimulate circulation. The peppermint oil in this formula has a refreshing and enticing aroma. Just wait ‘til the ladies get a whiff of your hair! Unleash the hidden suave charm with Fuzzy Logic. It is especially convienent in a travel size, 2 oz. container so you can fly through the FDA screening process.

Over the years, this product has won a variety of awards. Grooming experts agree that it really is a top tier choice for best shampoo.

• 2013 Grooming Lounge
• 2011 Real Beauty
• 2006 Instinct

Size: 2oz

Made in America.