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I finally found something that works well for all my antique razors. It is gentle, effective, and easy.
Excellent product and delivery time!!
Looking forward to make further purchases.. thank you.
This stuff is the bomb.
Excellent polish. Very easy to use. Just do your best Karate Kid (wax on, wax off). Buff up to a perfect shine. Be careful, though. You can easily remove thin plated or coated finishes. I mostly removed gold tone from an old Gillette razor and then had to keep going. The razor is bright and shiny copper now. Fantastic.
Clipper review
great quality and price
Little disappointed.
Works well but seems very thin for the price, which means it doesn't last that long. I find I need twice as much as a less expensive well known brand.
Quality Clippers Professional's use these
So I cut my own hair and Been using these clippers for years.These are the ones that barbers use at the barber shop.I highly recommend them .There are a new version of the Wahl Senior called Wahl Sterling Reflections Senior which I also have .