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Really like it
Didn't know what to expect. Quality is good , way better than my last brush
I purchased this brush with non-animal bristles for travel, using a traditional badger brush for everyday use. When I tried it out I was frankly surprised at how good it felt, how well it accommodated an appropriate amount of shaving soap, and how it did not lose even a single bristle...which is not my experience when using a brush for the first times.

When traveling I would rather have a brush that will dry out quickly, not be too wet when placing it in a travel case, and clearly I found more than I bargained for.
Fantastic Brush
I found this brush to be awesome. Nice and soft, never detected any scratchiness at all. It is a goldilox brush IMO, not too big or small. Holds heat very well and is just a pleasure to use. Great price for it as well at $65 (on sale).
Edwin Jagger Travel Brush
Awesome brush… everything I needed!
Great Brush
Love this brush! Soft tips, densely packed and nice size knot. Perfect for face lathering. Highly recommend and priced right. Excellent service!!!
Nice and almost great
Awesome handle but shedding a little too much hair for an expensive brush, also loft is short which makes it more difficult to build lather. It's a 3.8 out of 5 rating.
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