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At $9, the Omega 10066, is the brush that we recommend anyone who wants to get into wet shaving, but doesn't want to make a large monetary commitment. The brush is made by Omega, a great brand. It is made of Boar hair, which is a little stiffer and scratchier than some people like, but none-the-less gets the job done. This is a great beginner shaving brush.

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Best Beginner Shaving Brush Reviews
Very Nice Brush and Great Price
I'm 62 years old and own more than my fair share of Simpson brushes.....however, when it comes to face lathering this along with my Samogue boar hairs are among my favorites....spent the first two days of owning this brush doing nothing more than loading it up with both soaps and creams.....hand lathering.....rinse...repeat.....first time I used it on my face....it felt great...don't believe the hype about this being hard to lather and rough on your face.....you can lather hard and soft soaps alike....just remember to load the brush up from your tin, tub or tube (more is better than less) before you begin to work it on your face, hand or in a bowl.
Great Brush!
Fine quality shaving brush at a great price!
Great Little Brush
Very satisfied with this little brush. It works up a good lather and is just the right size. Plus, West Coast Shaving had a better price than anywhere else.
Spectacular badger alternative
I was under the impression boar hair brushes would be rough, but I've been overwhelmingly mistaken. This brush replaced my cheap synthetic from Walmart and it couldn't have been a better choice. Just coarse enough to gently exfoliate, but nice and soft. It builds a quick, thick lather and keeps it nice and warm. I couldn't be more happy with my new boar bristle brush!
Excellent Brush
New brushes need to be used or broken in, soaked it then loaded it up with lather to sit overnight. After that it works wonderfully. No bad smells even before the soaking. Works great.
Great for What It Is
The brush itself is excellent for some soaps: I use Harris Windsor. It's great to use as a spare or a travel brush, or when you feel like something different or want to experiment. But I'm not going to trade my Simpson Commodore for this thing. For what it is and costs, it deserves five starts, but get real. Thankfully, it fits an old stand, because I wouldn't want to spend $20 on a stand for a $9 brush.