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The Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush is our best selling shaving brush that is made of badger hair. The mix of high quality hair, a great brand, and a low price is why the brush sells well.

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Best Selling Badger Shaving Brush Reviews
Great Brush, Great Price!
I've wanted to upgrade to a silvertip brush for some time before stumbling upon this one. I have it a shot and was HIGHLY impressed! Both firm and soft and a great value!
So soft
This brush is small and so soft. It feels great against my skin.
Omega 636
Excellent shaving brush. Mid size. Great for home use or travel. Exceptional value and quality.
Excellent Value, soft brush!
This is a very nice, soft, small brush. Mine has held onto all of its hair and has whipped up both soap and cream. It's definitely not a stiff brush, I love my Omega boar brushes and and can really scrub with them, this will not do that. That's not a bad thing, just a characteristic of the brush.

I bought this after becoming frustrated with a brush costing over twice as much that just never stopped shedding. I did some research and found that Omega puts out quality brushes. Having a couple of their boar brushes (that I love) and considering the low cost I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did, it's as good if not better then my $130 brush. It's just as soft and not shedding at a fraction of the cost, excellent brush.
as always, extremely satisfied with
as always, extremely satisfied with west coast shaving customer service .
One of if not my favorite brush
My uncle talked me into trying these because he had hear good things and also had one on order. I thought there is now way a brush costing around $10 could be any good. As I found out, they are not good they are great.

If you get one of these it's going to smell for a couple uses but that quickly fades. They are also very stiff and a bit scratchy but after a couple weeks the scratchy is gone. The tips split and become incredibly soft when wet, but unlike badger the hairs still have some stiffness behind them, so if you want to scrub hard you can.

I own 2 of these as well as several other Omega brushes, love them all. This one is very large and the handle is cheap plastic but comfortable. I'm not a big guy, even though this brush is huge it doesn't feel to big for me.
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