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Best Synthetic Brush Reviews
Excellent, Quality Brush
My choice was for a synthetic brush. The Omega HI-Brush appealed to me as a good value. It is Italian, quality made, and came in very nice packaging. The Omega raises a better lather than my boar hair brush and is far more comfortable. I couldn't recommend the Omega more highly.

I am a serious amateur artist and am familiar with brushes and the characteristics of different brush material. Synthetic hair has advanced to the point of being a close equivalent to natural hair and is more durable.
Great Price for a good brush
For a very reasonable price, you can get a pretty good brush like this. I am amazed how this brush whips up lather so easily,. While not as soft and it can be abit troublesome when doing face lathering (as you got to press in abit harder than badger hair brush), for the quality and price, it is really worth giving this brush a go.
Great brush for the value... well made and easy to clean.. Soft and easy to break in
Omega HI BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush
Amazing product. Easy to break in, and the quality is that of a badger hair brush.
Great brush
This was my first brush I bought and I love it. Great brush, soft and just all around great.
Review of Synthetic Shaving Brush
It seems to be a very good brush, and the shipping was quite prompt.
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