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Simpson makes excellent brushes, and their hair quality is usually far better than any other brush in the same category. If it was up to us this Simpson Colonel X2L brush would be ranked in the "Super" hair quality, putting it in a higher price level than it is in. We also love the design of the handle on this brush.

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Best Value Shaving Brush Reviews
Great Best Badger Brush
With the disclosure that this is my first shaving brush I have to say I'm really pleased with the purchase. Hiqh quality construction, a nice handle shape and knot size, solid quality badger without breaking the budget. Also no smell and mandatory breakin necessary (according to company the included note). Very happy with this purchase and value.
Awesome brush
For those who want a high end brush without the high end prices, this is a great brush. I think I would call this a gateway brush since it will open you up to the higher end brush makers. Would recommend to anyone beginners and others.
Great Brush
The Simpsons Colonel X2L is an excellent shaving brush. It is well made with very soft tips and good backbone. It works well with both creams and harder soaps.
Great brush
I purchased the Colonel along with my Merkur 37c and a sampler pack of razors. I was impressed with the speed in which WCS got the product to me. I chose the Colonel after having read numerous reviews on the web. I have to say for my first brush I am glad it was a Simpson. It feels great on my face and does well with both soap and creams. I have noticed some shedding of hair but over all a very nice high quality brush.
Five star bruch.
Exselent brush for the money. Good for fase or bowl lathering. My brush doesn't loose any badger hair. Will recomend to my friends.
Great brush while it excels at face lathering soaps this brush can also be used to bowl lather creams with great results. The break in period was very short with very little shedding.
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