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Shaving Cream Sample Packs

Whether you are trying to decide which cream is right for you, or you just enjoy the novelty of trying new creams, this is the page for you. We put together sample packs of some of our favorite cream suppliers, and we curated some packs that span different vendors.

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Shaving Cream Sample Packs Education

It is often hard to describe scents through words. We use words like dry, sweet, and clean to describe the scents that we carry, but sometimes you have to smell the cream for yourself. So we created sample packs that allow you to smell and try the creams yourself at a manageable price point. Each sample pack are multiple samples that contain 1/2 a tablespoon of cream each. Each sample lasts a few shaves, so that you can get a feeling for how the cream smells and performs.

Curate Sample Sets

We put together sample packs that include multiple manufacturers that all fall into one category. Like our Sandalwood Sample Pack, which includes 8 different sandalwoods, each with a different take on the sandalwood scent. This allows you to choose the sandalwood that best suits you.

Shaving Cream Sample Packs Reviews
Good Variety but Packaging Needs Work
I like the different, out of the norm, scents of the soaps. The only real issue I am having is they are kind of hard to bloom and are very hard to load a brush with because of the container they come in. It has a very small opening. A travel brush may work better, but I do not have one. It takes a long time to get the amount of soap loaded vs the amount of water you may have in the brush or soaked up into the water during blooming. If the opening could be increased by 25%, it would be easier to get a good lather built to really get an idea of how well these soaps work.
this is good
I am still comparing to C. O. Bigelow
First Purchase
It's nice to get a sample pack so that you know what's out there, but I'd recommend buying multiple sample packs and trying each one out a few times, but they are definitely too expensive. All the smells were great and interesting. Sloane had a great smell but, other than that, was pretty horrible. Make sure you have some after shave lotion or something on hand because your face will most likely be dry when you're finished. I wish I had tried the other sample packs first, however.
Husband has only used a
Husband has only used a couple so far, but he likes them
Taylors of Bond St
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack Broad selection of some very good shaving creams.
Shaving Cream
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack My experience was very good.

I have purchased shaving cream from West Coast and will again.
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