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Whether you are trying to decide which cream is right for you, or you just enjoy the novelty of trying new creams, this is the page for you. We put together sample packs of some of our favorite cream suppliers, and we curated some packs that span different vendors.

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Shaving Cream Sample Packs Education

It is often hard to describe scents through words. We use words like dry, sweet, and clean to describe the scents that we carry, but sometimes you have to smell the cream for yourself. So we created sample packs that allow you to smell and try the creams yourself at a manageable price point. Each sample pack are multiple samples that contain 1/2 a tablespoon of cream each. Each sample lasts a few shaves, so that you can get a feeling for how the cream smells and performs.

Curate Sample Sets

We put together sample packs that include multiple manufacturers that all fall into one category. Like our Sandalwood Sample Pack, which includes 8 different sandalwoods, each with a different take on the sandalwood scent. This allows you to choose the sandalwood that best suits you.

Shaving Cream Sample Packs Reviews
Sample Pack
The sample was awesome.. Good variety of high end soaps/creams. I liked them all except 2 of them.
Product great, lids not so much
The product contained in the containers is an ok value for the $$$ spent; the lids are on so tight, I have to use two sets of pliers to get them off. Even after removing the tape that is on each container, pliers are still needed. Impressed with product, not so much with the lids on the containers.
Citrus Shaving Cream Sample Pack
Nice sample,a little something for every taste or scent.I have only used two so far love both of them and have also started on the best seller sample pack also.
A great variety of shaving
A great variety of shaving creams. I really enjoyed the castle forbes lavender and was impressed with the colonialo, super slick.
Really nice to be able
Really nice to be able to sample before making the full investment on something you may not like. Quality of these creams is great.
Cream Soap
This cream soap is great i will always buy from west coast
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