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Shaving Cream Sample Packs

Whether you are trying to decide which cream is right for you, or you just enjoy the novelty of trying new creams, this is the page for you. We put together sample packs of some of our favorite cream suppliers, and we curated some packs that span different vendors.

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Shaving Cream Sample Packs Education

It is often hard to describe scents through words. We use words like dry, sweet, and clean to describe the scents that we carry, but sometimes you have to smell the cream for yourself. So we created sample packs that allow you to smell and try the creams yourself at a manageable price point. Each sample pack are multiple samples that contain 1/2 a tablespoon of cream each. Each sample lasts a few shaves, so that you can get a feeling for how the cream smells and performs.

Curate Sample Sets

We put together sample packs that include multiple manufacturers that all fall into one category. Like our Sandalwood Sample Pack, which includes 8 different sandalwoods, each with a different take on the sandalwood scent. This allows you to choose the sandalwood that best suits you.

Shaving Cream Sample Packs Reviews
Sample Pack review
Deux Artisan Sample Pack "I received the sample pack a few weeks ago and had a chance to go through some of the samples. As expected, I like some better than others which is the purpose of a sample pack. The descriptions seemed to match fairly well with what I expected in terms of scents. Overall, a good product with each sample nicely labeled. The only reason it received 4 stars is the price. I feel the samples are a little bit high since they are to encourage future sales anyway. They should be marketing not profit makers, but then again I do not know how much the little containers for repackaging cost.
Tiny But Mighty
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack "'Tis a bit on the pricy side for what you get, though it should be noted a little (plus water) does go a long way -- I can get about 3-4 shaves from each vial of cream. I think the grapefruit is my favourite so far...I will be sad when that gets used up.
Not the picture
Sandalwood Shaving Cream Sample Pack "I havent tested any of the sandlewood shaving creams yet, but the picture is misleading. What arrives is a small plastic bag with 8 generic round containers, about four times the volume of a contact lens case. The whole bag fits in one hand. Keep in mind that to sample these eight you'd have to buy $160 worth of normal shaving cream containers, so it's good value from my view. But don't be stunned when what arrives is NOT what was in the marketing web page photo. I highly suggest that West Coast shaving put a few more high res pictures on their web site.
Uniquely Sandalwood
Sandalwood Shaving Cream Sample Pack "West Coast Shaving, you've done it again. I've purchased the other sample packs and love them all. This pack is Sandalwood to the max. Each one gives a different Sandalwood experience. Keep making the samples, please!
Great sample pack
Dissatisfied customers
Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream Sample Pack "It is unfortunate to live in a world enriched with people that either lack the ability, or are simply in too much of a rush to READ & comprehend BEFORE making a purchase. I want to appologize on behalf of people everywhere to the WCS Co. for the total disregard for attention to detail. It's 100% MY opinion however, you can not make the portion size of your products any clearer. I know the WCS Co. would never say this even if they could, but people PLEASE READ before purchasing so you do not feel obliged to post a negative review regarding a product based on your own inability to comprehend what you're investing in when you make a purchase. I've read multiple negative reviews regarding these samples not being the size somebody thinks they should. They're SAMPLES! If spending $20 on a number of samples is too expensive for you, A). Buy the original size, or B). Go to West Cost Shaving co. and look at what you're buying before you purchase. Sorry for ranting!
Reply to Nick P's review
Luxury Shaving Cream Sample Pack "Lol a 10 year "aficionado" would not only be able to differentiate between sample & stock, but would hopefully have the experience, common sense, purchase history, knowledge, & (possibly most important) the ability to attain information vital to what one would absolutely need prior to a proper critique. 2 stars & a poor review? A self proclaimed "aficianodo" would have astutely pointed out the size difference prior to ordering my friend!
Reply to Adam's review
Luxury Shaving Cream Sample Pack "I am confused about the review from Adam. Did he expect to receive the items in the first picture, over $200 in value for $24???
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