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Best Artisan Shaving Soaps

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Best Artisan Shaving Soaps Reviews
Great Soaps!
Artisan Shaving Cream Sample Pack These are some great soaps, and I love the smell of almost all of them. It may be a bit tricky to use them because of their small size, but I just removed them from their container and put them into separate cups and loaded my brush from those. The amount of soap you get compared to the amount of money you spend isn't too great tho... but if you aren't sure what soap companies you like and don't want to go out and buy a 4oz puck its helpful.
Good for beginners
Artisan Shaving Cream Sample Pack It can be hard to decide on a few soaps to use. I'm fairly new to wet shaving. It's easy to get caught up in the consumerism of this "hobby" we have. Every soap maker has tons of different soaps and we want to smell them all and use them all. Buying packs like this is better in the long run than buying full tubs of soap you may or may not like. That being said I really like almost every scent that is in this one.
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