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Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin Reviews
Jermyn Street shave cream
I decided to try this cream and have to say it's pretty darn good! It has a nice musky scent, and a hint of patchouli also. Very impressed with the Jermyn street after shave also, Great product line in all of my purchases with Taylor of old Bond street. You can never go wrong with quality stuff from these people.
Solid lather and scent
I've tried many brands...also different creams / hard soaps etc... TOBS makes a very consistent product line. I've never had a problem getting consistency with cream or puck in a bowl or face lather. I've seen a few reviews complaining about the product drying out ... Just wondering how long do you wait to shave or time between passes ? I've never encountered that. I really like the scent ,the lather and glide. Definitely worth putting in the rotation. I have the Eton scent and my son loves the sandalwood and he has sensitive skin
Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Jermyn Street Collection
First, West Coast Shaving is a fantastic establishment to do on line business with. Second, the Jermyn Street Collection for Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream Bowl from Taylor of Old Bond Street for me is another top tier for performer both in straight razor shaving and DE. I find that TOBS is by far the easiest to lather with. For this product I use a 22 mm silver tip badger brush and face lather. This is another one of my favorites for scents from TOBS and one that I would like to get the after shave of. This one is not bad for my sensitive skin. No burning, love it!
Tried another brand
Tried another brand that was supposed to be better and more foaming but I came back to Taylor of Bond st.
Killer Shave Cream
First and foremost the smell is amazing! Lathers really easy and lathers really thick. I was blown away by how thick the lather gets. It does dry out a little bit while your shaving. I caught myself dipping my DE safety razor in water more than normal. Left my face feeling like it was conditioned after my shave. I truly love this stuff. Gave me an amazing shave possibly one of the best shaves I have ever had and that's no joke. You can't go wrong with TOBS products. Been around a long time and have mastered the art!
Dries out a little fast for me
Granted I've only been DE shaving for a couple months but I shave everyday and the cream dries out a little quick for me then it starts to flake off. Granted I live in a mountain area so the air is dryer but this just doesn't see to hold the moisture in enough or I'm just really slow. I like the subtle smell and it glides really well but you'll need to keep your face as wet as possible or shave quickly in order for it to not flake off. Overall I would recommend it but for a beginner it might benefit you to lather your face first, shave it, rinse, then do the same for your neck thus breaking it down into two areas.
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