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  • Clear gel for visible shaving
  • Natural ingredients for beard health: aloe, antioxidants, allatoin
  • Multi-use: pre-shave, shaving aid, and after shave

Want to achieve a sophisticated look, even if you’re wearing a moustache or beard? Use the Duke Cannon Beardsman's Clear Shaving Gel, 4oz, so you can trim, maintain, and style your unruly facial hair with ease. 

Unlike generic beard care products found on the market, you can use this nifty grooming essential as a pre-shave, clear gel, and aftershave. It creates a slick coat that allows the blade to glide smoothly on your face, which is perfect for creating those manly mutton chops. 

Since the formulation is clear, it’s easier to see the areas where you’re trimming. And once you’re done shaving and styling your stubbles, this product closes the pores to prevent your face from becoming irritated or clogged with dirt. 

Of course, it’s not enough that you style your facial hairs just to look classy and manly. You also need to take care of each strand so that they’ll be naturally healthy and lustrous. That’s why Duke Cannon added a cocktail of protective ingredients such as: 

  • Aloe – promotes growth and reduces dandruff 
  • Antioxidants – heals razor burns 
  • Allantoin – moisturizes your strands 

Size: 4-oz 

Made in the USA