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Men often forget that it’s important to use the right tools in order to achieve that smooth, close shave. You know that it’s not enough to invest in just a decent razor, it’s also imperative to choose a soap that gives your skin the love and care it needs. 

The Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge Shave Dish with Soap is tallow-based; giving it a rich and slick lather for a smooth, nick-free, and comfortable glide as you bid those stubs goodbye. Its fresh blend of essentials oils and invigorating scents evoke memories of the English countryside, the great British sporting tradition, and varsity matches. It has notes of sweet English and French lavender which is known to relieve stress and calm nerves. This sweet tone is combined with top notes of herbaceous peppermint and rosemary and base notes of bergamot and warm oak moss, for a fresh and sultry scent all over. 

The Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge Shave Dish with Soap comes in a spun, anodized aluminum dish with a matte silver finish for a luxurious and comfortable shaving experience. 

Size: 90 g 

Made in the United Kingdom