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  • Artisan, small-batch shaving soap
  • Loaded with coconut oil, shea butter, and glycerin
  • Scented with a cooling peppermint, rosemary, and black pepper with additional menthol

The tradition, the relaxation, the routine. Wet shavers know the beauty of a puck of shaving soap. Grab a badger brush, a hand-tossed pottery lathering bowl, and puck of hard soap and you are moments away from a time-honored pleasure. Whipping up a thick, slick lather is not just therapeutic. This lather really does protect the skin, lubricate the glide of the blade, and trap moisture close to the hairs making them softer and easier to cut. Add cooling menthol and you are on your way to the perfect shave. Try Dapper Dragon Vegan Shaving Soap, Arctic Wyrm.

This artisan-made, small batch, vegan soap is loaded with moisturizing, protecting, and nourishing natural ingredients. Stearic acid (derived from palm oil) creates a stable, long-lasting lather. Add in coconut oil (produces bubble, stabilizes the lather, and hydrates the skin), shea butter (aids the slick, stable lather and moisturizes and pampers the skin), and glycerin (produced in the chemical process of turning oil into soap, DD adds more glycerin to increase the slipperiness and glide of the lather). All this lathering goodness is right at your fingertips.

On a hot summer day or whenever you need an eye-popping wake up call, try this Arctic Wyrm. Scented with peppermint, rosemary, and black pepper. It is set to get your juices flowing. But then they add in menthol for additional invigorating coolness.

Let Dapper Dragon ���wyrm�۝ their way into your shaving soap rotation with Dapper Dragon Vegan Shaving Soap, Arctic Wyrm.

Size: 4oz

Made in the USA