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  • A beard shampoo and shaving soap in one
  • Contains moisturzing and anti-baterial ingredients: shea butter, cedarwood oil, and bergamot oil.
  • Made in the USA

The Hudson Made Beard & Shave Soap, Citron Neroli will energize your senses while treating your face and facial hair. This product gains its multi-purpose function because it can act as a shaving bar or a shampoo for your beard. As a shampoo, it has the ability to tame rowdy and wiry facial hair and effectively clean it without disrupting or removing the natural oils around your beard. As a shave soap, it can create an amazingly rich and slick lather for a close clean shave. Also, by having moisturizing and anti-bacterial ingredients like shea butter, cedarwood oil, and bergamot oil, your skin will surely be left looking young and healthy. 

This exquisite product doesn’t just pamper your skin, but it also caters to your other senses like your sense of smell. The rugged citrusy scent which this soap exudes delivers an energizing sensation. Worried about the strength of the fragrance? Don’t worry because the warm rich scent is enough to be appreciated but not too strong as to drown out your cologne. 

Size: 3.5 oz 

Made in USA