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This hair type is the crème de la crème of shaving brushes, gathered from the neck area of the animal, with softness, beautiful structure and exceptional water retention. Since not all brands use the word "silver tip" to describe their brushes, we classify both Rooney "super" and Simpson "super" in this category.

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Silvertip Badger Shaving Brushes Reviews
Long Term Performer
My Shavemac silvertip is now about 4 years young and still going strong. I use the brush about 4 times a week, mainly puck soap, face lathering, and couldn't be happier. The brush is beautifully made, rarely sheds, and has held it's shape and stiffness over time. I would definitely buy another when the time comes.
Kent BK8 Traditional Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush
The brush meets every expectation! Could not ask for more.
Perfect Brush
This Omega silvertip badger brush maybe inexpensive, but its quality is out the roof! This was my first brush purchase, and I really like the Omega brand a lot already :-)
Great brush, No regrets after 2 years use
Bought this brush over 2 years ago as a splurge to replace a well used inexpensive brush. Never regretted the purchase, I use creams but have a few soaps too and this brush handles them all. Builds a good lather, great on my face and it's holding up well. Still looks and feels like a perfect new brush. Can't go wrong with this one, I'd buy it again.
Great brush!
I don't think I will ever purchase a non silver tip brush again. This brush had a nice faux horn handle that matches my razor. I'm not certain what a $250 brush feels like, but this one feels awsome compared to more coarse brushes. It is made well, holds water well, and makes a good lather. This is a great value as well.
Luxury at a reasonable price.
This brush is fantastic. It's not cheap, but it's fully worth it for something you use every day. By far the best shaving brush I ever had.