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The slant safety razor slants the blade so it sits at an angle. Think of it as a guillotine for your stubble.

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Slant Razors Reviews
Merkur 37C Slant Bar
This razor is very comfortable to shave with, no nicks, redness, or irritation. Does not feel overly aggressive, but,being a slant, it is a very efficient razor and consistently gives close shaves. It has become one of my favorite razors.
Works well
After reading mostly glowing reviews, I purchased the Merkur 37C slant and it has lived up to those reviews. It's an easier shave in the tough chin areas, and it's also a much closer shave. Next, I will see if my Astro blades behave well with this razor. (They tended to nick me alot with my older, regular Merkur. Was it the blades or the razor? We'll see.
Merkur with Feather SS blade
What a shave, it feels like there isn't even a razor blade in the shaver. Why didn't I do this earlier, will never go back to the 2,3,4 and 5 blade way of shaving. So far I have used this blade 14 times, not sure about changing it yet.
Great razor!
This is my first slant razor, upgrading from a more entry-level double edge and there is definitely a noticeable difference! I love the feel of this shave, gets even closer than I'm used to and no pulling at all! Incredible shave for the money!
Best DE out there
I was so prone to ingrowns and neck irritation that I usually gave up on shaving. I have never in my life achieved such smooth, CLOSE & COMFORTABLE, irritation free shaves as I do consistently with the 37c. I get a near BBS in 2 passes with this guy. It has literally made daily shaving possible and enjoyable for me.
Merkur 39C HD Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor, Slant Bar
Very good razor. The 39C is not an aggressive razor at all; it is easy to achieve a close and smooth shave. Good razor for people with sensitive skin. I just wish that Merkur made the 39C also as open comb; it should be the perfect safety razor then! A big thank you to West Coast Shaving's excellent customer service; it is hard to find such a good service anymore.