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Slant Razors

The slant safety razor slants the blade so it sits at an angle. Think of it as a guillotine for your stubble.

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Slant Razors Reviews
Sensitive Skin & Coarse Beard? Get this Razor!
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar Just completed my first shave with the 37C and a Kai blade. Easily the best shave i have had. Smooth and very little irritation, 2 minor cuts healed with alum. I had issues with the Merkur HD and the Feather AS-D2 seeming to slow down and pulling on my hair. This solved that issue. If you have sensitive skin and a coarse beard, this is the perfect razor!
Solid, Heavy, and Well Made
Merkur 39C HD Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor, Slant Bar I really like this razor after using it for a few weeks. I am not convinced yet that the slanted bar itself necessarily produces a better shave compared to the razors withouth this feature, but it shaves very well. I decided to try this model after having two Merkur 34C HD, which both met their same demise when I accidentally dropped the razors in the shower and the head snapped off. Yeah, I shouldn't have dropped them, but these things happen in soapy and wet places. When the first one broke I thought it was a freak accident, but then it happened again so figured the gods were telling me to try a different one. All Merkur razors are solid, relatively heavy, and seem well made. Yes, they're a little expensive, but if I can get years of use out out then it will prove to be a good investment relative to disposable ones. I certainly enjoy using these razors much more than the disponible ones, and I get a much better shave.
Merkur 39C Slant Bar
Merkur 39C HD Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor, Slant Bar "This is a fantastic razor. With its unique shape and design, it easily reaches all contours of the face and neck giving a nice smooth shave.
Lives up to hype!
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar "After 50 years of cartridge razors, I decided to try a DE mainly because of the cost of cartridges. I spoke to one of the great customer service people who advised the 34C as a "return" to DE shaving. However, I had my first shave at 13 with a Gillette butterfly razor and a Red Blade (this was before stainless blades), so I figured I could handle a slant. I completed my first shave about a half hour ago, and it's great! I used the Astra blade, and it works well.

Before you use it, view the tutorials on Youtube as well as several web pages in reference to slants. Go slow, go light. I only had a couple minor weepers on my neck, and that was because I wasn't paying attention because I was busy congratulating myself in a while I was doing. Thanks WCS!
The Hoffritz
Merkur 39C HD Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor, Slant Bar "This is the exact head specs on the slant from Hoffritz. It was also manufactured by murker, delivers nice and close shaves. I personally find it easier to use than a straight bar. Barber pole handle doesn't slip as much as some think. Also its plug and play with blades there is no real need to make sure blade is lined up perfectly it will almost always be situated the way it needs to naturally.
Great razor. Smooth on the
It Works for Me
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar "For years I used an electric shaver, but as I grayed, and my beard became like sandpaper, I began using a variety of razors. Reading the many positive reviews of the Merkur 37c, I recently purchased one, and have never been more pleased. I believe the slicing of the slant blade gives a result somewhat better than the cutting action found in DE razors. This is a purchase I've not regretted.
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar "Best shave ever! Study the slant head. It's interesting
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