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a real nice low-cost stand
The West Coast Shaving stand (250) is a sturdy, well-made stand for a reasonable price. It holds two brushes and two DE razors securely. The brush holder prongs are slightly different sizes, for me it works great to handle my two different sized brush handles. The chrome finish is shiny and the steel seems strong enough. I've only had it a month, so I really can't talk about corrosion or rust at this point. There is a rubber cushion pad on the weighted base. Excellent choice for a low-cost stand.
DE sampler blades
Great blades, chance to try high quality at low price
Safe used razor storage
Years ago my wife's grandfather put his used razor blades through a small slot in his bathroom. They dropped between the wall space and therefore could not cut anyone accidentally. Same principle apples with the razor bank. It can be taped up when full, disposed of causing no safety hazard.
This razor meets my expectations,
This razor meets my expectations, it is as good as my second razor, which is the Parker 96L. They both are a great value for the money. I tend to only shave once to twice a week, and they do a very good job on a longer and thicker beard. Personally, I prefer the butterfly style to the closed comb.
Safe disposal
Very neatly solves the problem of what to do with those spent blades.

It'll hold a good number of blades (I'd guess somewhere between 100 and 200) keeping them secure. When it's full, just recycle the whole thing.

At the price, it's a no-brainer really. Buy one when you stock up on blades.
Decent Razor Overall
I was pleased with this razor. It was my first open comb model, and fortunately, I took to it pretty quickly. I soon was having good shaves with it, after a slightly rough first try, which I will attribute to user error. My only complaint is that blade alignment could be a little better, but oddly, this does not stop me from getting good results. I like this razor very much.