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Scratch & Dent
Scratch & Dent
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Specials Reviews
Nice hold and wonderfully unscented
Cowboy Comb Official Mustache Wax, 1/2 oz "I don't have a lot of experience with mustache waxes, being new to facial hair myself. This is the 3rd product I've tried and I'm very satisfied with it. Just enough hold to maintain a natural look while keeping unruly hairs in place. It's a firmer wax, which I prefer because it seems to disappear more cleanly. And unscented - because while I love a nice manly scent, attaching it to the hair directly under my nose means I can't smell anything else - which I find to be downright unpleasant. Finally, I like the price.
Good size,
TM1985 Box Dopp Kit, Charcoal and Black "Sturdy, well constructed
One of my favorites
Semogue Special Edition 2013 "I have had this brush for a couple of years and use it regularly. There is nothing to complain about. The handle is beautiful--mine is a little darker than the one pictured here--and the silvertip badger compares nicely to other silvertip brushes that I have. I have no trouble lathering any creams or soaps with it. The backbone is good and it holds lather well. I enjoy using it as much as any brush I have and would recommend it. Maybe the nicest brush I have is a Thater two-band silvertip, but the Semogue is no slouch. I don't recall the brush shedding more than a few hairs and none at all in a long, long time. I removed the label and enjoy the engraving on the bottom of the handle. I think it is a great value and I paid $110 for mine.
good soap
Hudson Made Beard & Shave Soap, Citron Neroli "This is a good all around soap. It lathers fairly easily and gives a nice creamy lather that helped me get a close comfortable shave. The scent is interesting on this one. You can smell the citrus hiding under a slightly spicy scent. it's not too strong but i guess average in that respect. it is a little smaller than i'd like for a $20 soap so i docked a star. if you don't mind that, definitely give this one a shot.
Great product
DAX Cocokui 7.5oz "Great product
Very Dapper
Antica Barbieria Colla Moustache Wax, Extra Firm "This is a Light to Medium hold wax that gives your Moustache a good shine to it. It's mainly for a natural look when you are going out in a suit and tie. The scent is nice and refreshing. The only downside to this wax is it contains Patrolium. Not the best for your skin. But I only use it on occasion. The container and name on it is worth it. Their shaving cream is some of the best out there! Lots of Years and experience making their products.
Tcheon Fung Sing Linea Intenso Shaving Soap, Arancio Amaro "I got this at a crazy price from another seller on a sale. It's my favorite Italian soap hands down, from the way it lathers, it's protection, and the scent! Very creamy Fanta scent!
My husband truly likes this
Mr Natty's Moustache Twizzle Wax "My husband truly likes this product for the tips!
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