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Straight Razor Blades

Replaceable straight blades work in a variety of straight razor handles (also known as shavette razors) to give you the convenience of a fresh blade and the touch of a straight.

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Shavette razors are the best of both worlds - you get the closeness of a straight with the convenience of a disposable. These straight razor blades are perfect for making sure you get a sharp blade every time. Once you find the handle you like, you can switch out the blades without the hassle of honing and stropping your blade. Check out such great names as Feather, Dovo, and KAI and find the one that is right for you.

Straight Razor Blades Reviews
Very good blade . More
Very good blade . More forgiving than feather.
The best for tough beards
Feather AC Professional Super Blade 20-Pack I??ve been shaving with the Artist Club (folding DC) for about eight years now. The Feather Professional Super is my absolute favorite blade to use for shavette shaving.
Feather AC ProGuard Blade 15-Pack.I switched to these from the professional. I actually get a closer shave with the pro-guard. As with the other Feather blades I've used, I get maybe four good shaves per blade before I notice dullness. While that's irritating, nothing else shaves me as well.
Feather artist blade
Feather AC Professional Super Blade 20-Pack.Very sharp blad. Shaved very well
Feather Professional
Feather AC Professional Blade 20-Pack.Great blade excellent value.
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