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Best Selling Traditional Straight:

The BOKER 5/8" King Cutter is our best selling traditional straight razor. BOKER is known for its excellent quality in manufacturing their straight razors.

Best Beginner Straight Razor

We recommend the Dovo Shavette as a beginner straight razor for a couple reasons. 1) Because the shavette takes replaceable blades, then there is no need to hone and strop the blade. This allows a beginner to get a feel for the technique of shaving with a straight razor without worrying about the maintenance of the blade. 2) The razor is at a much lower price point than the traditional straight razors, without sacrificing on quality.

Best Value Straight Razor

At $17, the Parker SR1 is a great value. This straight razor takes 1/2 of a normal DE razor blade.

Most Modern Straight Razor

The Feather Artist Club SS breaks away from the folding design of most straight razors. The shapes of the razor mixed with the materials of stainless steel and black resin make for a beautifully modern design. Feather makes its own blades that are made specifically to work with the artist club razor.

Most Manly Straight Razor

Want manly? From the scales (handle) made of buffalo horn to the gold plated spine, the Dovo Bergischer Lowe Buffalo Horn 5/8" has everything that is manly. It is produced by DOVO, who is well known for its high quality in straight razor manufacturing in Solingen, Germany.

Straight Razor Recommendations Reviews
It is a gift for my husband's birthday that is coming up this weekend.
Per boyfriend handles great compared to other but needs to ship w full length blade. Great value for price.
Great buy!
I was very pleased with the product I received. The quality and craftsmanship was superior in comparison to the blade I received. The deal breaker was the price I paid. Thanks West Coast Shaving!
Leg-shaving lady
This is my first time using a straight razor on my legs, and the results were great! It is simple to use, and as long as I took my time, I did not feel in danger of cutting myself. The main reason I switched was to avoid landfill waste, but this is going to save me money on razors over the long run - very pleased. The blade quality seems great to me - I also bought a strop to maintain it. The handle is simple and functional, but basically black plastic. That was what I expected with the lower price - I didn't want to invest a lot of money not knowing whether or not this would work for me. Great first straight razor.
Looks great and feels great.
Looks great and feels great. Excell my quality at a good price
Purchased this as my first straight razor after switching to DE about a year ago. Perfect shaves and no irritation!