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  • Strong hold wax for those who sport dreads or braids
  • Made from the highest available grade of Beeswax, import from Australia
  • Easy to apply

Murray's BEESWAX is great stuff. This product is ideal for people who wear dreads or who have braids in for extended periods. The wax is sourced to Australia, and it's pure. Murray's makes some great hair products, even for those who have complicated styles. If you want to keep your dreadlocks in line, this will do it for you. The hold is very firm, and it provides protection against the elements. If you want to make certain you don't end up with fraying and other issues, this is something you should consider as a serious solution to those problems.

Other products that can help with issues include creams and oils and lotions. Too much sun exposure, strong winds, and other environmental factors can end up causing fraying, splitting, and a lot of other types of damage that are difficult to repair and that fortunately are actually easy to stave off. It comes down to adding a protective layer to the outside of the hair, and with Murray's Beeswax, you can be sure that you'll have that and that you'll get better hold, more control, and stronger follicles that stay healthy for the long haul.

Size: 4 oz/114g

Made in USA