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  • Classic hair tonic from Pinaud Clubman
  • Stimulates scalp for healthy hair
  • Provide light hold and shine for styling

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Pinaud Clubman line of men's grooming products launched out of the famous Parisian perfumery, House of Pinaud, in the 1800s. They soon rose to barbershop stardom. Tonics, styptic powders & sticks, and aftershaves fairly scream old school grooming. You can enjoy the results of years of experience with Pinaud Clubman Eau de Quinine Hair Tonic.

This hair tonic in a distinctive vintage bottle does just what a tonic is supposed to do. 

  • rubbed rigorously into your hair, it stimulates the surface of the scalp for healthy hair 
  • helps to remove loose dandruff 
  • makes hair lustrous with a light shine 
  • lightweight, non greasy 
  • controls frizz and provides a light hold 

Apply to towel-dried, damp hair, and style as usual. It will leave you with a fresh barbershop scent to go with the old school aesthetic. And the 12.5 oz. bottle will last quite awhile. Great value for a great product. 

Size: 12.5oz. 

Made in the USA